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Chat sites: Between work and domestic commitments, your life is always very busy; also partly because of your shyness, lately you have been struggling to make new friends. In the spare time between engagements, you’ve thought you might start hanging out at some of the more popular chat sites in an effort to make new acquaintances.

If this is indeed the case, you will be happy to know that I can help you and tell you which ones are chat sites which I still consider valid. However, you need to know that, with the advent of messaging applications and social networks, chats are considered by some to be a somewhat disused tool: dating applications are mostly used to make new friends. The latter, in addition to being accessible and optimized for mobile devices, are also more complete in functionality and therefore more widespread.

However, if you feel you want to use chats as a tool to make new friends, I certainly won’t be preventing you from doing so. Indeed, this guide was created with the aim of helping you in your intent and to show you which are the most noteworthy chat sites. I also want to reassure you: Internet chat sites are very easy to use and you can use them even if you think you are not yet very practical with the use of your PC. Having said that, I would say that together we can begin to find out in detail which chat sites to use. Take a few minutes of free time to carefully read this guide of mine, I’m sure you will find my advice very useful. As usual, I want to wish you a good read.

Tiscali Chat

There is certainly one of the long-standing chats Tiscali Chatinstant messaging tool free and connected to the historic IRCnet (Internet Relay Chat) circuit, therefore the one of the well-known company in the telecommunications sector is one of the few servers still active.

The Tiscali chat is therefore configured as a tool for those looking for a chat with a slightly retro look that allows you to exchange messages with users from all over the world.

To start using Tiscali Chat you must first connect to its main website and, in the text fields you see on the screen, corresponding to the item Nick And First name, you will have to type your nickname your name to use in the chat. To connect to Tiscali Chat, just press the button Walk in.

The Tiscali chat is divided into Rooms And Channels, that is, meeting places for virtual people through which to exchange messages. The chat system offered by Tiscali also allows the sending of private messages to users and there is no constant moderation action: some published contents could therefore be suitable only for an adult audience.

To send a message in the chat you will first have to choose the room or channel to enter. Just double-click on it to enter. Once you are connected to the channel, you can write a message at any time via the text field at the bottom. You can write a colorful message by clicking on the pane with color preview and also send emoticons using one of those on the screen. To send your message just press the button send.

To exit the Tiscali chat, just press the button Disconnect. Tiscali Chat is optimized for use from a PC, via a desktop browser.


A chat free it can be used easily from both PC and mobile device such as smartphones and tablets AperiChat, instant messaging tool that allows you to register by indicating your email address. Alternatively, you can start chatting with other users by registering with your account Facebook.

However, registration is not mandatory in order to message with other connected people. Once you connect to his official websitein fact, you can also choose to press the button Enter as a guest.

By acting in this way, once you have indicated your nickname, via the text field Choose usernameyou will be able to access the chat screen of AperiChatwithout having to make any type of registration.

The AperiChat user interface is simple and straightforward and the chats are divided into rooms. There is the possibility to send private messages, write colorful messages and even send emojis via the symbol of smiley face. Noteworthy is the ability to take advantage of a series of quick commands to send private messages or add a user to your friends list.

To send a text message, simply type the same in the text field below and then send it by clicking on paper airplane symbol. The instruments BI and U allow you to format the text of your post and respectively to use Bold, italics And underlined.

To exit the AperiChat chat, just press the button with the menu symbol (three vertical lines), press on the item Go out which will appear from the drop-down menu and confirm the operation by pressing the button Yup.

This chat system offered by the AperiChat website does not integrate any moderation tool. Although there are no age restrictions for the use of the chat, the contents present may not be suitable for an underage audience.


Among the chat services that I want to report there is eChata chat website that is also a bit old-fashioned, reminiscent of the chats that were in vogue before the birth of social networks and messaging applications.

eChat is a chat service free which does not require registration via email address. To use it, just choose your nickname.

That said, if you’re interested in knowing how to use it to make new friends, log into hers main website by clicking on this link through the browser you use to navigate. To access the chat you will then have to click on the item Enter the chat.

On the next screen, you will need to type your nickname via the text field Enter your Nickname then press the button Enter the chat.

Once you have performed this step you will finally have access to the chat and you will be able to start interacting with the messages of other users. To write your message you can use the text field located at the bottom, corresponding to the item Send Message…

To personalize your message you can also use the emojis that you can find by clicking on the symbol of smiley face. To send the message, all you need to do is press the Enter key from the keyboard.

If you wish to chat privately with a user, just click on his nickname from the users sidebar and then press on the item Message from the drop-down menu that will appear.

eChat is a chat service free which is not optimized for mobile devices and does not have any moderation tools. The use of the chat is therefore recommended via desktop browser and is preferably aimed at an audience of users aged 18 or over.

Chat Point

The well-known free chat service based on IRCnet is Punto Chat. It is in fact an always popular service that allows you to get in touch with people from all over Italy.

The Punto Chat Internet site is characterized by its very 2000s user interface, also allowing you to view the profiles of registered users. Punto Chat offers free registration at the end of creating your own user profile and blog.

Registration on the site is not mandatory for the sole purpose of using the chat. That said, if you want to find out how to use this website for chat, I invite you to connect to its main Internet page through the browser you usually use to browse the Internet.

From its Home Page, then click on the entry Chat which you find at the top right to access the chat login screen. At this point you will have to indicate only the nickname you want to use to access it, typing it in the text field Enter your nick. To log in, click on the button Chat now!. If the chat does not connect automatically, press the button Start.

Doing this will open a new browser tab in which you will be connected to the main chat room. There are no thematic rooms in the chat, so to talk to other users you only need to refer to the section in which you connected.

To start conversing with other users in the chat, all you have to do is write your message in the appropriate text field that you can see at the bottom, next to your nickname. To send the message you just have to press the button Enter on your PC keyboard. It is also possible to send messages to users privately: to do this, simply click on their username via the sidebar and then press on the item Message.

Other popular chat sites:

Have you tried these chat sites but would like suggestions for Internet sites that offer the possibility of chatting with a user experience similar to dating apps? No problem. Below you will find the list of the best internet dating sites that can be used even without the application for mobile devices.

  • Badoo: historic website for making new meetings and new friends. It can also be used via desktop browser but registration via Facebook or email is required. AND freealso available via app for Android And iOS and offers the possibility of taking out a subscription.
  • Meetic: well-known and appreciated dating website that offers the possibility of being used also via a website, as well as from an application for mobile devices Android And iOS. AND free with the possibility of subscribing to a subscription.
  • Tinder: one of the most popular dating sites on the Internet that offers a user interface that is always up to date. It can be used via the Web and also via an application for smartphones and tablets Android And iOS. To take advantage of Tinder in an unlimited way, it is possible to subscribe to a subscription.
  • Lovoo: one of the best known Internet sites that allows you to chat and get to know other users, accessible via the Web and via application free for Android And iOS. It’s free with paid features.