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Chat programs

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Chat programs: The best programs for chatting with friends and family.

Windows Live Messenger

The program for chat for excellence. In its latest version, Windows Live Messenger (formerly known as MSN Messenger) has introduced many interesting innovations, such as integration with Facebook which allows you to chat with your friends on the wall and check their statuses in real time, the HD video calls to create high definition video chats via webcam and a new user interface that is even simpler and more immediate. Messenger is part of Windows Live Essentialsthe free application package created by Microsoft for Windows 7, Vista and Windows XP, but is also available for Mac. Download from here.

Facebook Messenger


Many users have decided to replace traditional chat programs with Facebook, chatting with their friends directly from the social network pages. Facebook Messenger for Windows brings Facebook chat to the desktop, always keeping it just a click away even when the browser is closed. At the moment it does not yet have many functions but has the advantage of perfectly matching the style and appearance of the Facebook chat as it is on the pages of the site. Also available in Italian. Download from here.

Yahoo! Messenger


One of the most popular chat programs in the world. It has a very colorful and captivating interface (completely in Italian) through which you can talk to your contacts on the network Yahoo! or with i contacts imported from other well-known chat and messaging services. It integrates with the chat of Facebook and allows you to have fun with your friends by challenging them in many online gamessuch as Backyard Monsters, Pool, etc .. To underline the convenience of the function that allows you to chat with multiple people using an ef = ””> Download from here.

Google Talk


Although many users of Gmail now prefer to chat directly online from their Inbox, Google still offers the option to download Google Talk. It is a very essential chat program through which you can talk in real time with all Gmail and Google users who are online at that moment. It does not have particularly advanced functions but allows you to easily exchange files from one PC to another. It is completely in Italian and consumes very few system resources. Download from here.



Although everyone knows it as a program for making cheap phone calls or making video calls, Skype it is also a great program to chat for free with your friends or relatives. Communications from computer to computer or from computer to smartphone / tablet, both for chat and for calls / video calls, are always totally free. Calls to landlines or mobile phones, on the other hand, are paid, albeit at very affordable rates compared to standard calls. To take advantage of the telephone function, you must first purchase credit for your account. Download from here.



Pigdin is one of the best chat programs. Free, open source and completely in Italian, it offers users of all major operating systems a way to stay in touch with friends of Messenger, Facebook, Google, Yahoo!, AIM and many other chat services using a single program that is very light and easy to use. As if that were not enough, there are many free plugins available that augment and extend the functionality of the software according to the user’s needs. Download from here.