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Certified mail (mailbox)

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Certified mail (mailbox): There certified mail it is a very useful service that allows private citizens and companies to communicate with the Public Administration or with each other by exchanging messages with a legal value equal to that of a registered letter.

Since 30 June 2013, all companies, including sole proprietorships, have the obligation to register their PEC account in the Business Register. This means that for many people it has become essential to open one, but luckily there is no shortage of solutions.

There are now many services that allow you to create a certified email box for personal or professional purposes, and today I want to tell you some of the best. There are something for all needs and, above all, for all budgets, so let’s not waste any more time and get straight to the point.

If you want to create a low-cost PEC mailbox, I suggest you take a look at Aruba offers various complete solutions for the certified mail divided as follows: Standard plan at 5.00 euros / year, Pro plan at 25 euros / year and Premium plan at 40 euros / year (all prices are without VAT). The basic version of the service offers a 1GB mailbox, a limit of 50MB for the size of messages, various services for security and access via the Web panel. To get a complete overview and open your PEC mailbox, connected to home page of the service, click on the tab Comparative table and choose the product that best suits your needs by clicking on the button Add to Cart.

Also not to be underestimated are the offers of Italian postwhich proposes a PEC mailbox limited to 100MB and 200 mailings per day for 5.50 euros + VAT per year, and Email.itwhich for 25 euros / year offers a 2GB box, a message limit of 30MB and SMS notifications. To open a certified mailbox with these services, you must fill in the appropriate registration forms and send by fax or email a copy of the signed documentation plus a double-sided copy of the identity card and the substitutive declaration of certification (necessary for companies and sole proprietorships). Access to services can take place via Web panel or traditional e-mail client, based on the characteristics of the subscribed services and your needs.

Libero Mail PEC allows private users and companies to obtain a certified email address for 25 euros / year (excluding VAT). It also includes the signature for sending mail. To open your PEC account with Libero Mail, connected to the main page of the service and first click on ACTIVATE NOW and then on Click here. Then fill out the form that is proposed to you with your personal data and that’s it.

Subsequently, to make the certified email address active, you must send by fax or email a copy of the signed documentation, a copy of the front and back of the identity card and the substitutive declaration of certification (necessary only for companies and sole proprietorships) . For any doubts, consult the official Libero Mail PEC documentation clicking here.

Very interesting, especially for freelancers, is the offer of LegalMail than with the plan PEC Silver for 39 euros + VAT per year it allows you to have an 8GB mailbox with mobile access, SMS notifications and security archive.

The service is on a free trial for 6 months. Alternatively there are the plans PEC Bronze from 25 euros + VAT per year with a 5GB mailbox e PEC Gold from 75 euros + VAT per year with a 15GB mailbox that does not include trial periods.


You are looking for a solution PEC free? Unfortunately there are none. The only service that allowed to have a certified mailbox at no cost was Posta Certificat @ of the Italian Government, which unfortunately, however, was closed in December 2014 due to scarce use by the public.

If you were subscribed to the latter you can take advantage of a very interesting offer from Aruba, LegalMail and Poste Italiane that allow you to try their basic plans for the PEC free for 1 year. The registration request must be sent by 18th September 2015. More info here.