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Cellphone Wallpapers

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Android and iOS come with a decent selection of wallpapers that can be used to beautify the smartphone home screen. Often, however, you know, in the long run even the most beautiful photos can get tired … so why not run for cover and download some nice alternative wallpaper?

The apps that offer  wallpapers for the mobile for  free are now many. Just choose the one that best suits your tastes and have a little patience to browse the hundreds – if not thousands – of images available for download. If I were you, I wouldn’t wait any longer. If you prefer it, I inform you that this is also feasible by contacting the appropriate Internet sites: in this case, just open a new browser tab and you’re done.

No matter what your tastes are, there is a mountain of wallpapers waiting for you: from natural landscapes to abstract backgrounds, from sports themed photos to space wallpapers; without forgetting the images dedicated to video games, TV series, anime, manga and famous characters. So, can you know that you are waiting to set a new wallpaper for your smartphone? There would be enough to change one a day over the next 10 years!

Mobile wallpaper app

Let’s start this excursus among the useful resources to find wallpapers for the mobile phone from the apps used for the purpose. As anticipated at the beginning of the post, there are many resources belonging to the category in question, both for Android and for iOS . Below you will find those that in my humble opinion are the most interesting in the category.

Sfondi HD (Android/iOS)

The first among the applications to find wallpapers for your smartphone that I suggest you consider is HD Wallpapers . It is available for both Android and iOS, it’s free and includes a rich assortment of wallpapers for all tastes in high definition. It has a minimal interface, it is free and it is very simple to use.

To use it, download the app on your device by taking it from the relevant section of the Play Store (in the case of Android) or the App Store (in the case of iOS), then start it and start scrolling through the various wallpapers available that you find on the main screen . The immediately visible wallpapers are the ones that were recently added to the app. If you want to order them differently or you want to browse them by category, select one of the appropriate items at the top.

When you find a wallpaper you like, press on its preview and tap the down arrow symbol on the  new screen displayed, to immediately download it to your device. If before proceeding with the download you want to find out what the background will look like once applied to the lock screen, press the eye symbol at the top right. To see, instead, how it would appear on the home screen, then presses the Mode button .

Google Wallpapers (Android)

Another great application useful for finding wallpapers for mobile, specific for Android, is Google Wallpapers . As the name implies, it is a resource developed by the Internet search giant that allows you to find and download wallpapers of all kinds at no cost. It does not have any kind of advertising and the wallpapers available belong to the most disparate genres. It also collects images from Google Earth.

To exploit it, download and install Google Wallpapers by taking the application from the relevant section of the Play Store  and, once the download is complete, scroll the home screen to browse the various categories available (eg Nature , Cities,  etc.). When you locate the category of your interest, press the relevant box to view all the various reference wallpapers.

Then, when you find a wallpaper you like, press on its preview, tap the Set wallpaper item at the top right and, using the menu you see appear on the screen, choose whether to set the wallpaper for the Home screen, for the lock screen or both.

Vellum (iOS)

Cellphone Wallpapers

If you own an iPhone, another valid application for finding wallpapers that I strongly suggest you try is  Vellum : it is a resource that includes a spectacular selection of wallpapers of the highest quality, perfectly optimized for the screens of all “iPhone by ”And which is constantly updated by the developer. It’s free, but offers in-app purchases (at a cost of € 2.29) to remove ads and get other extra features.

To use it, download it from the relevant section of the App Store , start it and, once its main screen is displayed, select the wallpaper pack of your interest from the various available, by tapping on its name (eg Sweater Wather , Enigma etc.). Therefore, scroll through the list of available wallpapers and, when you find one you like, presses on its preview, so that you can view it in full screen.

To save the chosen background, then presses the button with the  circle  located at the bottom center. If, on the other hand, before downloading the wallpaper you want to see it applied in preview to the home screen or to the lock screen, press the button with the eye  at the bottom right and select, from the menu that opens, the option you prefer. The button with the drop on the left, on the other hand, allows you to increase or decrease the degree of blur of the wallpaper.

Furthermore, I would like to point out that in the main screen of the app there is, in the upper part of the same, the Daily wallppaer section , through which a new wallpaper is proposed every day.

More mobile wallpaper apps

Didn’t the apps to find wallpapers for mobile that I told you about in the previous lines thrill you? Then try the ones I’ve collected for you below now. They are all very valid.

  • Zedge ( Android / iOS ) – renowned app that allows you to download beautiful wallpapers for all tastes and at no cost, for both Android and iOS. Note that it also includes a section dedicated to ringtones.
  • Rsplash  ( Android ) – free app for Android devices only chock full of HD wallpapers. It includes over 100,000 beautiful wallpapers, but to unlock them all you need to make in-app purchases starting from 1.19 euros.
  • 3D Wallpapers ( Android ) – application for Android smartphones (and tablets) with a very rich catalog of photos and images in high definition. It also includes a variety of animated wallpapers and is free.
  • Live Wallpapers for Me ( iOS ) – no cost application for iPhone that offers the possibility to download beautiful live wallpapers, as you can guess from the name, so that you can then set them on the home screen or lock screen. Eventually it offers in-app purchases (starting at € 5.99) to access more images and remove advertising.

Mobile wallpaper sites

As I told you at the beginning of the article, there are also many Internet sites through which you can find wallpapers for your mobile: they collect wallpapers of all kinds and for all tastes. If this interests you, below you will find the ones that, in my humble opinion, are the best in the category. Have fun and… have a good download!


Cellphone Wallpapers

Among the best sites dedicated to wallpapers for mobile phones there is certainly  Zedge , the Web counterpart of the app I told you about in  the previous chapter dedicated to wallpaper applications. It offers a huge range of free content optimized for all major smartphones currently on the market and is very intuitive.

To use it and find the ideal wallpapers for your phone screen, connect to its main page and click on the Wallpapers tab  located at the top right, then browse all the available funds. If you want, you can also search by keyword, typing it in the appropriate field at the top and then pressing the Enter key on the keyboard.

When you find a background you like, click on its preview and download it by pressing the down arrow button located at the top right. Alternatively, you can send yourself a link to the image by clicking on the button with the arrow pointing right (always present at the top right) and choosing one of the available sharing options.


Another site full of wallpapers for mobile phones to download for free is  Mobileswall , where you can find wallpapers optimized for different models of iPhone and Android smartphones. It has a very accurate graphics and, even if it is not updated very often, it has a lot of interesting material to offer.

To use it, connect to its home page and use the Pick a device menu   on the left to select your mobile phone model. Next, choose whether to browse the wallpapers freely (scrolling the page endlessly) or whether to view the images based on their category of belonging. To browse the list of available categories, click on the button with the three horizontal lines located at the top right and choose the one you are interested in (eg Animals , Art etc.).

Once you have found the ideal wallpaper for your smartphone, download it by first selecting its thumbnail and then the Download now button   on the page that opens.


InterfaceLift is one of the best wallpaper sites in the world. It includes hundreds of free wallpapers of the highest quality for computers, smartphones and tablets but, unfortunately, unlike other portals (even less “equipped” in terms of content), it does not allow you to easily browse all the images available for download. The only thing you can do is search for a subject using the appropriate bar located at the top left.

To download one of the wallpapers available on InterfaceLift, all you have to do is connect to the home page of the site, expand the drop-down menu located under its preview and select the model – or the resolution – of your smartphone (e.g. iPhone X or Google Android> 1080 × 1920 ). Next, click the Download button to download the image.

If you are looking for wallpapers corresponding to a specific keyword, you can do it, as I told you, by typing it in the search bar located at the top left and then pressing the Enter key on the keyboard. If, on the other hand, you want to sort the available wallpapers based on the upload date, the number of downloads, etc., you can select the reference parameter from the Sort By menu at the top.


Cellphone Wallpapers

Another nice website you can turn to to find wallpapers for your smartphone is Unsplash . It is a portal on which users, most of whom are photographers by profession and for pleasure, can publish their shots, which lend themselves very well to being wallpapers for computers and mobile phones. They are all high quality images and can be downloaded and used freely as they are not covered by copyright (they are released under a Creative Commons Zero license).

To use it, go to the home page of the site and select one of the categories listed above (eg Nature , Landscape etc.). Additional image collections are available by clicking on the Collection item , always at the top.

If you want, you can also search by keyword, by typing the reference keyword in the search field located at the top of the site and pressing the Enter key on the keyboard.

Then, locate the images you like and download them by pressing the button with the arrow located under their thumbnail. If you want to see the enlarged image first, click on it (you can then download it by pressing the Download free button at the top).

Other sites for cellphone wallpapers

Now, I want to tell you about other sites with wallpaper for iPhone, Android and other platforms suitable for all tastes. Here they are.

  • Simple Desktops – is a popular website chock full of minimal style wallpapers. The images are not properly optimized for smartphones and tablets, but they often manage to adapt excellently to the displays of mobile devices. All free.
  • Android – as you can guess from the name itself, on this website you can find a very refined selection of free wallpapers in various resolutions for Android devices. They are not all perfectly optimized for Samsung Galaxy or other smartphones – as they can also be used on tablets and must be suitable for a huge range of terminals – but they are truly more spectacular than the other.
  • iLikeWallpaper – This is an excellent website dedicated entirely to wallpapers for iPhone (and iPad) with hundreds of images divided into categories, all in high quality, free and belonging to the most disparate categories.
  • Reddit – is the most popular social news site in the world. I chose to report it to you in this guide as it contains a section dedicated to wallpapers, and more specifically to wallpapers for smartphones, which can be downloaded for free.
  • AR7 – not a website, but a Twitter profile, but it is worth mentioning in an article focusing on mobile wallpapers. In fact, I frequently post many beautiful wallpapers for iOS that it is practically impossible to give up.

Set wallpapers on Android and iOS

Using the apps and sites I indicated, did you manage to find wallpapers for your mobile phone but now you don’t know how to set them? No problem, I’ll explain it to you. Below you will find explained how to proceed both in the case of Android and iOS.

  • Android – tap the Settings icon (the one with the gear ) that you find in the drawer (the screen where all the applications are grouped), select the item Wallpapers and themes  or Display> Wallpapers from the new screen displayed, select the option to view the phone gallery , presses on the preview of the downloaded background and choose whether to set it as wallpaper for the  Home screen , for the lock screen or for both .
  • iOS – presses the Settings icon (the one with the gear ) that you find on the home screen, then on the Background item in the new screen displayed, on the wording Choose a new background and select the reference photo collection from the list proposed below. Then presses on the image you want to use as wallpaper, indicate whether to apply the background statically or with perspective by choosing the option you prefer (below) and presses the Set button . Finally, specify, from the menu that opens, whether to use the wallpaper for the lock screen , for thehome screen or both .

If you think you need more details, I invite you to refer to my guide specifically dedicated to how to change the background, through which I have dealt with the subject in great detail.