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Best Pokémon GO moves

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Best Pokémon GO moves: Are you a fan of Pokémon GO, the augmented reality title for mobile devices developed by Niantic, and you are having a great time during your raids in search of Pikachu and associates. However, you realized that you did not know the moves available within the game very well and that you were unable to implement a winning strategy. So you are looking for some advice and, by searching online, you landed here, on my website. Things are like this, am I right? Well then I’d say you’ve come to the right place at the right time!

In today’s tutorial, in fact, I will show you in detail what are the best moves in Pokémon GO by dividing the fast ones and the loaded ones, so that you can understand which ones are best suited to your needs and thus develop winning strategies. There will also be a way to talk about what types of moves exist and how they are managed by the title of Niantic.

What do you say? Are you ready to proceed and find out the most valid moves in Pokémon GO? In my opinion, yes, since you have come this far and are reading this guide with interest. Come on then, all you have to do is make yourself comfortable and follow the quick directions below, which will lead you directly to your goal in no time. Having said that, there is nothing else for me to do, except to wish you happy reading and enjoy!

Preliminary information

Pokémon GO App

Before explaining what are the best moves in Pokémon GO, I think you might be interested to know more about how they are managed by the title of Niantic.

Well, you need to know that there are several types of moves. The first key factor to consider is theelement to which they are associated. The types of move in Pokémon GO are: Normal, Fight, Steering wheel, Poison, Land, Rock, Beetle, Spectrum, Steel, Fire, water, Grass, Electro, Psycho, Ice, Dragon, Dark, Elf is Shadow.

As in any other respectable game in the series, the element indicates which enemies that move is against effective, against whom it is weak and against which it is instead useless (since they are immune). To give you a concrete example, the note move Fire Blast, considered by the community as one of the Tyranitar’s best moves and one of the Charizard’s best moves in Pokémon GO, is capable of inflicting a lot of damage to type opponents Beetle, Steel, Grass is Ice, while can’t do much versus Rock, Fire, water is Dragon.

Focacolpo instead, considered one of the best moves of Mewtwo, it is even useless against the guys Spectrum, since the latter are immune to the type Fight. The move however is unable to damage consistently Pokémon Normal, Rock, Steel, Ice is Dark and therefore can still be particularly useful.

In short, know the weaknesses and the resistors of every type of Pokémon it is very important to be able to compete with other opponents and put in place the right moves. For this reason, I invite you to consult i official advice from Niantic.

Do not underestimate even the speed. Indeed, the moves considered fast can be practically done in every momentwhile those loaded they are usually able to do many damages but they require you to fill one energy bar. Therefore, it is always good to keep in mind the existence of this type of move and to know how to use it at the right moment. Every Pokémon owns both moves loaded that fast moves.

Pokémon GO

Another very important aspect to consider are i DPS (damage per second) middle: summing up, the higher this value is the more we can consider a strong move. However, this indication is not always precise, as they exist other factors to be taken into consideration, from level of the Pokémon (Breakpoints and Bulkpoints) allo STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus), passing through the IV (Individual Values), the statistics EPS (energy per second), the weather bonus and so on.

These are factors often unknown to casual players, since they are mainly addressed to pro player. If you want to delve into this complex world, I recommend you take a look at the Pokémon encyclopedia and, in general, to do some research online. In any case, if you have no particular claims, you can also think of focusing only on the move type, on the speed and sui DPS / EPS.

For the rest, I want to give you an indication of one of the most common questions related to the game, explaining to you what are Pokémon GO’s legacy moves. Well, this term is used to indicate the moves that have been eliminated from the game or that have only been made available in certain exclusive events. Put simply, Niantic allows players to keep your Pokémon with these special moves although other users can’t get them anymore.

This means that some players have Pokémon with some exclusive moves which could be particularly strong. The legacy moves are considered a lot rare by the community and for this reason i collectors they try to do themselves to exchange these Pokémon.

To give you a concrete example, some users still have a Mewtwo with the Hyper Beam move captured during i raid EX.

Best Pokémon GO moves

After giving you a general smattering of the moves in Pokémon GO, I would say that you are ready to proceed and find out which are the best.

Stronger Pokémon GO moves

Regigigas Pokémon GO

As mentioned in the introductory chapter of this guide, the main parameter to determine which are the strongest moves within the Pokémon GO are the DPS (damage per second) on average. I will therefore use the latter and the selections made by the instrument Pokémon GO Info to establish the “rankings”.

Well, in this sense the 10 moves stronger than Pokémon GO I’m Giga Impact (1915.1 DPS, Normal), Primopulsar (76.5 DPS, Water), Telluric swords (76.5 DPS, Earth), Return (50 DPS, Normal), Hydro (47.4 DPS, Water), Brave Bird (45 DPS, Steering wheel), hammered (44.7 DPS, Water), Divination (44.4 DPS, Psycho), Stone Edge (43.5 DPS, Rock) e Zuffa (43.5 DPS, Lotta).

As you can see, they are essentially all moves loaded, which require you to fill in the appropriate form energy bar to be used. These are, in fact, the strongest moves in general in the game.

Best fast moves

Mewtwo Pokémon GO

Choose some good ones fast moves, i.e. those that do not require the completion of the energy bar and can therefore be done via a simple tap, it is of fundamental importance to win the battles, since they are the attacks that your Pokémon will perform the most during the battle and will also affect the time required to load the bar of the other moves.

The 10 most powerful fast moves in Pokémon GO I’m: Locate (26.7 DPS, Normal), clash (15.9 DPS, Normal), Steel Wing (13.8 DPS, Steel), Codadrago (13.6 DPS, Dragon), Iron Tail (13.6 DPS, Steel), Rock Throw (13.3 DPS, Rock), Fire Fang (13.3 DPS, Rock), Counterattack (13.3 DPS, Fight), Waterfall (13.3 DPS, Water) e Felling (13.3 DPS, Rock).

However, in the case of fast moves, it is important to consider other parameters as well, such as the time required in order to use that move again, usually expressed in milliseconds. It may seem like a trivial matter, but in reality it is a very important aspect, since, for example, a move that requires 500 milliseconds will allow you to upload in order to run much faster the energy bar compared to one that requires it 1000.

For this reason, I recommend you take a look at the Pokémon GO Info portal, where you can find countless information related essentially to all the moves within the Niantic title. Here you can also get to know all the details about the duration of moves and statistics EPS (Energy per second), which allows you to understand how quickly that move is capable of load the energy bar.

Pokémon GO Info

To give you a concrete example, one of the quick moves that I consider among the best ever is Psycho, since it just lasts 600 ms and has a value EPS equal to 13.3. This means that you will probably be able to load the energy bar in seconds. For example, using Leaf Blade as move loaded, you should be able to use the latter in a flash.

Clearly, Pokémon GO is a game in constant evolution and therefore the developers may decide to make changes at any moment. I invite you, therefore, to take the information in this post as purely indicative.

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