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Best iPad games

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Best iPad games: Among the many things you can do with an iPad, there is the opportunity to have fun by downloading and using some nice games. The tablets, and in this specific case that of the “bitten apple”, can in fact turn out to be faithful leisure companions through which to be able to spend a few minutes or even a few hours in joy, entertaining oneself. Just download the right titles and that’s it. Yeah, the right titles… but what are they? Well, let’s try to find out together with my article dedicated to the best iPad games .

In fact, with this tutorial I would like to show you all those that, in my humble opinion, represent the most interesting and fun games currently available on the market for the Apple tablet. There are both free and paid, strategy, cards, dedicated to sport, belonging to the platform genre and so on and so forth. In short, whatever your preferences you will see, you will certainly be able to find some game capable of attracting your attention. Oh, I almost forgot, the many titles that can be downloaded from the App Store are perfectly compatible with all the iPads currently on the market (and not only). So, whichever model of Apple-branded tablet you own you will be able to find bread for your teeth, I have no doubts about it.

Then? How about putting the chatter aside and finally getting to the heart of the matter? Yup? Great! So take your iPad, make yourself comfortable, choose which of the many games listed below you think might interest you the most and download it immediately. I wish you, as usual, good reading and, of course, good fun too.


Arcade e platform

Let’s start this excursus among the best games for iPad from the titles belonging to the arcade and platform genre. Below you will find those that in my opinion deserve to be tried immediately, without thinking about it even twice.

  • LIMBO  – Real videogame masterpiece: it is in fact a platform full of puzzles characterized by a rather dark graphics starring a boy uncertain about the fate of his sister. It costs 4.49 euros.
  • Dan The Man – Nice game with simple graphics and cartoon style in which you have to take on the role of the protagonist Dan to try to restore order in a kingdom plagued by internal strife by fighting many enemies. It’s free.
  • Rayman Fiesta Run  – Popular title for mobile devices starring Rayman, with well-made graphics and captivating music. The more Lums you collect, the more levels you unlock and the more you can advance in the game. It costs € 3.49.
  • Dino T-Rex – Who doesn’t know the game that can be accessed from Chrome when there is some problem connecting to the Internet? Well this is the transposition for the iPad of the famous Google Easter egg. It’s free.
  • Leo’s Fortune  – Excellent platformer with noteworthy graphics. The protagonist is a nice mustachioed fur ball trying to find the thief who has stolen her gold. It is practically impossible not to get passionate. It costs 5.49 euros.
  • Crossy Road – With pixelated and retro-style graphics, in this fun game you have to guide many different characters in the execution of one of the most daily actions performed in the world: crossing the road. It’s free.
  • Dead Trigger 2 – Second chapter of a game considered practically a must for zombie lovers. The goal is precisely to complete the various levels available by killing as many zombies as possible while also facing the bosses present at the end of each world. It’s free.
  • Punch Quest  – Fun game that incorporates the graphics and gameplay of the scrolling fighting game typical of the 90’s by now. The aim is to guide your character along various levels and face the many enemies present along the tortuous path. It’s free.

RPG and strategy

Best iPad games

If you are a fan of tower defense and role-playing games, you should know that several titles belonging to the genres in question are also available for iPad. The best, in my opinion, are those listed below.

  • Hero Academy  – Nice game in which, after choosing your team among the five available, you have to challenge other users online with the aim of destroying their crystals. It’s free.
  • Clash of Clans – One of the most popular strategy titles ever on iOS (and beyond). You have to build your own village, set up an army and set out to conquer the opposing kingdoms, those of the other players. It’s free.
  • Oceanhorn  – According to most, it is the alternative to Zelda for iOS: it is in fact an epic RPG with excellent 3D graphics, extremely exciting and passionate and able to guarantee hours and hours of gameplay. It costs € 8.99.
  • HearStone – Blizzard home game much appreciated by users in which you have a deck of cards to expand and improve with various characters. The game mode includes both the campaign and the online challenge. It’s free.
  • ROME: Total War – One of the most exciting and exciting strategy games ever released so far, first on computer then on mobile device. In the game you have to control one of the most important Roman families to expand the territory of the Roman Empire, in fact. It costs 10.99 euros.
  • Clash Roayle – Exciting and fun title born of the mind of the same creators of the aforementioned Clash Royale in which you have to destroy the opposing towers using the character cards that can be found during the evolution of the game. It’s free.
  • Nimble Quest  – An action / RPG with 2D graphics and top view with lots of characters available and addicting gameplay. The setting is medieval. It’s free.
  • The Machines – Using augmented reality on iOS, this incredible game transforms the home table into a real battlefield. From the space and robotic setting, it is based on the placement of turrets that have the purpose of attacking enemies and destroying them. What 5.49 euros.

Brain teaser

Best iPad games

In an article dedicated to the best games for iPad it is practically impossible not to mention the titles belonging to the puzzle category. Here are the ones that in my opinion deserve to be downloaded and tried at least once.

  • Tetris  – As easily understood from the name itself, this is the touch version of the classic game of Tetris. It costs € 3.49.
  • Monument Valley 2  – Sequel to one of the best graphically created video games belonging to the puzzle genre. The aim of the game is to guide your character along levels characterized by various architectural elements and impossible geometries in order to reach the final goal. It costs 5.49 euros.
  • Ruzzle Adventure – Second chapter of Ruzzle, the word game that has been able to thrill the entire globe. In this new adventure between letters, the player finds himself catapulted to a wild island where he must be able to complete the proposed path. Yes he wins by finding more words in the shortest time. It’s free.
  • Super Squares  – An exciting game in which colored blocks are set trying to join only those that can fit together completely. It’s free.
  • Two Dots – Nice puzzle that will certainly delight all lovers of simple and minimal games. Two dots need to be brought to safety while traversing various scenarios. Said so it seems easy but … in reality it is not at all! It’s free.
  • Drop 7 – Nice Zynga home game in which you have to line up the right numbers and then make them pop. The pattern is somewhat reminiscent of Forza 4. It’s free.
  • “klocki” – A relaxing puzzle game in which in each level you have to join together lines drawn on movable squared tiles. Just touch one and then another to be able to swap places. It costs 1.09 euros.
  • Candy Crush Saga  – One of the best known and most loved puzzle games for mobile devices available in circulation. To advance through the many levels available, three or more candies of the same type must be associated within the number of moves allowed. It’s free.

Sports and motors

Best iPad games

Do you prefer games dedicated to the world of sports? Would you like to have fun virtually whizzing on cars and motorcycles? Then below you will find bread for your teeth. In fact, I have prepared for you a list of exciting titles for iPad belonging to the categories in question that you will surely know how to appreciate (or at least I hope so).

  • Crazy Taxi Classic  – Historic SEGA house title in which you have to drive a taxi and get customers to their destination in the shortest time possible. Note its incredible soundtrack with songs from famous bands and artists. It’s free.
  • Stick Tennis  – Great tennis title for iOS devices. It has really well done three-dimensional graphics, offers users various game modes and there are more than 70 unlockable characters. It’s free.
  • Retro Soccer – Arcade Football  – A retro style soccer game in which the ultimate goal is to create a winning team and defeat the opposing teams. It’s free.
  • Golf Star  – A title dedicated to golf with 3D graphics and support for online multiplayer. There is also the possibility to customize the chosen character with collectible clothes and accessories. It’s free.
  • 2XL MX Offroad  – Nice motocross title highly rated on the App Store. With various levels of difficulty and more than 16 tracks on which to whiz by motorbike. It’s free.
  • Head Soccer – Off-screen game where you have to score and win football matches while driving giant-headed players battling each other with special moves. It’s free.
  • Angry Birds Go! – The Rovio house proposal in the racing games sector. Bringing back the glories of Mario Kart for Nintendo. Birds and pigs compete in obstacle-filled races where they will have to collect coins and use special powers along the way to beat their opponents. It’s free.
  • Racing Rivals – Racing game with an urban setting to which the multiplayer component is added. Yes they can directly challenge other users and it is also possible to participate in special events every week as well as take part in exclusive battles. It’s free


Best iPad games

To conclude, I want to suggest, instead, what I believe to be some of the best card games for iPad that can help you make rainy afternoons and your moments of rest less boring. Find them below and they are all optimized for use with the touch screen of the Apple tablet.

  • Fresh Deck Poker: Texas Hodelm  – Definitely among the best online multiplayer Texas Hold’em titles. What sets it apart is its well-finished three-dimensional cartoon graphics. It’s free.
  • Solitaire  – The timeless Klondike Solitaire with multiple difficulty levels. It’s free.
  • Spider Solitaire  – The classic Spider Solitaire in 1, 2 and 4 suit variants. It’s free.
  • 250+ Solitaires  – You can immediately guess from the name: it is a collection of well over 250 solitaire cards. Includes Klondike, Spider, FreeCell, Pyramid and many more mints from the famous card game. It’s free.
  • Briscola Pro  – The game of Briscola for iPad, one of the most popular in the category. It also supports online multiplayer using the iOS Game Center. It’s free.
  • Scopa Pro  – Nice game of Scopa that allows you to have fun in online multiplayer. It’s free.
  • Burraco Jogatina HD – Cards and Canaste – Excellent game of Burraco in Italian and in multiplayer through which you can have fun together with thousands of other players. It’s free.
  • ONE – Does it really need any introduction? We are in the presence of the digital transposition of one of the most loved and appreciated card games of all time, Uno. The game fully resumes the rules of the “analog” version by offering the possibility to play with other users online. It’s free.

Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade

If you use iPadOS 13.1 or later, I would like to point out that you can also use Apple Arcade : a subscription service that, for 4.99 euros / month after a 30-day free trial, allows you to access a catalog of over 100 exclusive games, without advertising or in-app purchases, even with the family (up to 6 users).

To use it, open the App Store , select the Arcade tab and press the Try for free button . The service is also available on iOS, macOS and tvOS. More info here .