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Best Huawei Themes

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Best Huawei Themes: You just bought a new smartphone Huawei and, after starting it and configuring it with your favorite apps, you have decided to give an extra touch to the style of the home screen. For this reason, you have thought of adding a new theme to the Android home screen, so as to make it more similar to your tastes, replacing the standard one, but you don’t know how to proceed, or rather, you don’t know which themes to use.

How do you say? Is this actually the case? If so, you’ll be happy to know that, in today’s guide, I’ll give you all the advice you need to know what the best Huawei themes to install on your device. I will first give you the information you need to best customize your device, then I will list some of the best themes for EMUI, explaining how to install them. Finally, I will suggest other solutions that might be right for you.

Well: if you are impatient to start reading this guide, I advise you not to waste any more precious time and to sit comfortably: all you have to do is pay attention to all the suggestions you will find, so as to put into practice the solutions that I will provide you. . I just have to wish you a good read and have fun!

Preliminary information

If you want to install new themes on your smartphone Huawei, in the next chapters I will provide you with the best solutions that can be right for you. Don’t worry if you are not a great tech expert, as the operations that I will show you will be simple and immediate, thanks to the integration of a native app on Huawei devices, called Themes, which allows you to easily install new themes for EMUI.

In this regard, I tend to advise against using themes not designed for the EMUI, as you may have problems accessing some features of the device or navigating the user interface of this customized version of Android.

If you don’t like the EMUI interface, you can rely on other solutions that allow you to replace the Huawei EMUI interface with other customized UI, so as to install different themes on your device. What is it about? Let’s go in order, I’ll tell you about it in the next chapters.

Best Huawei EMUI Themes

Free themes on Huawei

If you are interested in the themes for EMUI, below you will find several that I hope will be of interest to you. The ones that I will present to you are themes that can be downloaded for free from the app Themes Huawei, but you can also rely on paid ones, always present on the Huawei virtual store.

When you start the app Themes, you are presented with two sections, both located at the bottom: Recommended And Categories, which highlight, respectively, the contents recommended by Huawei and those present on the store (divided by categories). After selecting one of these two sections, presses on the tab Themes, at the top, to access the list of themes, where you will find both those free than those a payment.

Using the icon of magnifying glass, you can instead search for themes, such as those I will list in the next chapters. Alternatively, to do this first, you can simply open the links that I will provide you and thus view the theme card in the app Themes and download it by pressing the button Free Download.

In case you should see a warning requesting your permission to install add-ons, press the appropriate confirmation button. Finally, press on the button Apply, to activate the theme.

If you want to go back to the original Huawei theme, you simply need to launch the app Themes and select the section Personal, located at the bottom. At this point, scroll down the screen and choose one of Huawei’s default themes, in the section Preset themes, then pressing the button Apply, to activate it.

X More

X More theme

X More is a free theme accompanied by a background with a naturalistic landscape in shades of lilac. There is also a set of custom icons, smaller than the default ones, with a simple and well-finished style. The edges of the icons have rounded corners to give them a modern look.

Furthermore, when you lock the screen, by tapping the time twice consecutively, you can access some theme settings, such as the one to enable notch support, if your Huawei smartphone is equipped with it.

LC_Mountain Jupiter

LC_Mountain Jupiter theme

LC_Mountain Jupiter is another free EMUI theme that makes some changes to the app icon set. These, in fact, are represented on the home screen completely round and with an attractive graphic style.

In addition, an image of a mountain landscape with the planet Jupiter in the background is automatically set on the home screen.

Elemental Battle

Elemental Battle theme

Among the free themes you can download for EMUI, I also recommend you Elemental Battle: as indicated by the same author, the background image and that of the lock screen represent the clash between fire and water.

In addition to the background this theme comes with, the system icon set is also changed. These are square with rounded corners on a black base, so as to make them more pronounced on the default background image of the home screen.


Arc-Light theme

The theme Arc-Light it is free and allows you to set a completely dark tone to both the background image and the icon set. The background, in fact, is an abstract composition in shades of black, while the icons are dark and square, with a three-dimensional effect and shades of colors typical of fluorescent lamps.

In addition, the lock screen consists of an image consisting of a texture that simulates a plastic coating, also in a dark color, with a lever to be lifted to unlock the screen.

French Polynesia 3

French Polynesia theme3

Another theme you might like is French Polynesia3, which is part of another series of themes by the same author, The Explorers, which are based on photos taken in some places on the planet.

The set of icons is well cared for: they are small, with rounded corners and have a color that is very reminiscent of nature. In addition, in addition to the background image representing a Polynesian landscape, on the lock screen there are three images to be displayed, which can be scrolled by double tap on the screen.

Finally, the time and calendar display on the lock screen has been changed, placing the relevant boxes on the right margin, so as to highlight the photos in the background.

Alone Boy

Alone Boy theme

A different theme from all those seen so far is Alone Boy, which comes with a home screen image representing a character drawn with a light stroke on a dark background.

Furthermore, it is accompanied by a set of icons, also hand-drawn, which do not have any borders: therefore, they have a transparent background that blends with the dark background of the home and black screen.

The lock screen is very simple and minimal: it has only a few decorative elements with the time and calendar positioned in the upper area, with a smaller text size than the default theme.

Toot Face

Toot Face theme

Toot Face is another interesting theme with a completely cartoonish style. The set of icons it is provided with is made up of simple drawings, which do not have any frames: each drawing represents an icon of the apps pre-installed on the Huawei smartphone.

The background is also very simple with small outline drawings. In the lock screen the wallpaper of the home screen is recalled with the face of a cartoon-style cat in the foreground.

Other Huawei themes

Nova Launcher

In addition to the topics I told you about in the previous chapters, which are based on some of the many available for EMUI, you can also download others, such as those for Nova Launcher, the famous launcher for Android, much appreciated by users.

This launcher allows you to change the Android home screen, replacing that of Huawei’s EMUI, granting access to additional features and home screen customizations. In addition, through the appropriate section of Nova Launcher, you can change the set of icons, downloading the many icon pack available on the Play Store.

Obviously, Nova Launcher is only one of the possible solutions that you can put into practice to change the theme of your Huawei smartphone. If you want to know more about this topic, I recommend that you read my guide on themes for Android.