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Best GTA Online Purchases

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Best GTA Online Purchases: After your friends told you about it particularly well, you finally decided to try GTA Online , the multiplayer mode of the last chapter of Grand Theft Auto. You have just started your adventure and you are very passionate about the famous title created by Rockstar, however you have not yet fully understood what are the best methods to spend your savings in the game. You then carried out a search on Google and in the end you came here, on this my guide. It went like this, didn’t it? Well, then I’d say you’ve come to the right place!

In today’s tutorial, in fact, I will explain in detail which are the best purchases for GTA Online . In case you were wondering, I will go and examine what I believe to be the best choices regarding transportation, personal garages, houses / apartments and weapons. I will not fail to provide you with some important information on how to make these purchases and what their characteristics are. In short, I am pretty sure that, within this guide, you will find what is right for you!

What do you say? Are you ready to proceed and find out what are the best ways to spend money on GTA Online? Come on then, all you have to do is take some free time, make yourself comfortable and follow the quick instructions below. I can assure you that you will reach your goal in a flash. Having said that, there is nothing else for me to do, except to wish you happy reading and have fun!

Best means of transport GTA Online

A question that arises spontaneously for novice players is: what are the best means of transportation on GTA Online ? Well, here are my tips.

Dewbauchee Vagner

Dewbauchee Vagner GTA Online

Arrived on GTA Online in 2017, through the update “Arms trafficking “, the Dewbauchee Vagner is according to many the best car in the game.

Its look is reminiscent of the Aston Martin Valkyrie and this car can exceed 200 km / h in terms of maximum speed . The other statistics are also at the top, from acceleration to maneuverability . Like all faster cars, the only flaw is braking. There are two seats.

The Dewbauchee Vagner can be purchased from the Legendary Motorsport dealer present within GTA Online. The price is $ 1,535,000 and the car can be used as a personal vehicle and consequently stored inside your character ‘s garage .

To access the Vagner dealer, simply open the game’s mobile phone (by pressing, for example, the arrow above on PS4), select the Internet item , press the word TRAVEL AND TRANSPORT which is located at the top right and press on the box by Legendary Motorsport .

Pegassi Oppressor

Oppressor GTA Online

Another of the most appreciated vehicles by GTA Online enthusiasts is definitely the Pegassi Oppressor . We are talking about a motorcycle that, according to many, takes up the design of the Honda XR 500 . However, its peculiar feature is the fact that it allows the user to “fly”, thanks to its two “wings” and the rocket propulsion on the back. It was introduced in 2017 with the update “Arms trafficking”.

The Oppressor is able to reach a top speed of about 225 km / h and its strengths are to be found in the exceptional acceleration and overall good maneuverability . Too bad only for braking not the best. The seat is single, other players cannot be picked up.

It can be bought from the dealer Warstock Cache & Carry at the price of USD 3,524,500 . You can always find this retailer in the TRAVEL AND TRANSPORT category of your character ‘s mobile phone . It can be kept both inside your personal garage and inside a mobile (MOC) or aerial (Avenger) operation center.


Terrorbyte in GTA Online

The Terrorbyte is definitely a good choice if you want to travel safely. It is, in fact, a real mobile operating center through which you can plan your activities (you can also control turrets and drone stations). It can also be used as a sort of garage , placing vehicles such as the Pegassi Oppressor inside. It was introduced in 2018, in the context of the “After Hours” update.

It is certainly one of the most fun means of transport to use, as it allows you to start many activities within the game. I don’t want to do too many spoilers, but you just need to know that the Terrorbyte will guarantee you several hours of fun if used properly. Top speed is around 140 km / h . There are four seats.

However, there is a prerequisite to be able to purchase this fully equipped command unit: you must have purchased a night club via the site . You can access the latter from the FINANCES AND SERVICES section of your character ‘s mobile phone . Usually a night club costs at least $ 1,000,000 .

Terrorbyte GTA Online

Once you have purchased the aforementioned structure, simply go to the Warstock Cache & Carry dealer website and you can buy the Terrorbyte at a price of $ 1,375,000 . It can only be held on the dedicated floor of the  purchased night club .


Stromberg GTA Online

If you’re going to explore the seabed of GTA Online, you can’t miss a look at Stromberg . At first glance it might seem like a normal car inspired by the Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer , but in reality once taken into the water it becomes a kind of submarine . In short, we are talking about a versatile vehicle that can accompany you in all your raids. It arrived in 2017 with the update “The blow of the apocalypse”.

The possibility of exploring the seabed driving the Stromberg opens up many new possibilities in terms of gameplay allowing you to see a part of GTA Online that you probably still don’t know very well. By using the vehicle as a normal car, its characteristics return to normal. The maximum speed is around 181 km / h and the weak point is clearly the braking. There are two seats.

You can buy the Stromberg dealer Warstock Cache & Carry at a cost of US $ 3,185,350 . It can be kept in a common garage or in a MOC / Avenger .


Thruster GTA Online

If you are a longtime fan of the GTA video game series, you will surely have spent many hours in the company of your trusty jetpack. Well, Thruster is available on GTA Online , a means of transport highly appreciated by users. It was introduced by Rockstar with the 2017 hit of the apocalypse update.

The maximum speed offered by the Thruster is around 202 km / h and is one of the best means of transport in terms of maneuverability and acceleration. It can therefore be very useful for rapid travel , since there is not much “traffic” in the air. Clearly it can only carry one player.

The Thruster jetpack can be purchased for $ 3,657,500 from the Warstock Cache & Carry dealer . You can keep it inside your bunker .


Akula GTA Online

If you need a helicopter that can also attack enemies, Akula is probably for you. We are in fact talking about an aircraft that, according to many, is inspired by the Boeing-Sikorsky RAH-66 Comanche , a reconnaissance and attack helicopter for the US army with stealth characteristics. It arrived in GTA Online in 2017 in the context of the update “The blow of the apocalypse”.

In particular, Akula has 2 Vulcan M197 20mm machine guns and can also launch missiles. It is an excellent means of transport with regards to acceleration and maneuverability . There are four seats. Top speed is around 253 km / h .

Akula can be purchased from the Warstock Cache & Carry retailer at a price of $ 3,704,050 . It can be put in your hangar .

Best GTA Online Garages

How do you say? Have you purchased one of the land vehicles that I recommended to you in the previous chapter but you don’t know where to keep it? Well, it seems that the time has come to buy a good garage . Here are some tips on this.

Included with villa

Garage villa Vinewood Hills GTA Online

The best garages in GTA Online are certainly those included with the purchase of the villas . In particular, I advise you to take a look at those of the houses that are located in Vinewood Hills .

In fact, they have a large space that allows you to create a real collection of cars . Here you can also keep all the means of transport you want, except of course those that require other types of structures.

These are luxury garages, which are sold together with the villas and therefore the prices for the whole package are often higher than $ 500,000 . To buy a villa, simply go to the FOR SALE sign and press the appropriate button that appears on the screen (e.g. right arrow on PS4). Otherwise you can go to the FINANCES AND SERVICES section of your mobile phone and access the Dinasty 8 dealer .

8754 Route 68

Garage Route 68 GTA Online

If you don’t have too much money, one of the best garages you can buy is the 8754 Route 68 . In fact, the latter is located exactly behind an arms dealer (therefore in a strategic position) and close to the military base of Fort Zancudo .

You can put up to 6 cars inside and often this property is offered at a discount. In any case, its original price is $ 65,000 . It is not exactly the most pleasant garage, but it can certainly be very useful if you often go through Route 68.

It can be purchased through the appropriate sign or through the Dinasty 8 dealer .

Best GTA Homes / Apartments Online

Speaking of the best purchases for GTA Online , I can not forget to mention the houses and apartments in the game. Below you will find a selection of the houses that I consider most valid.

Vinewood Hills

Home Vinewood Hills GTA Online

The best houses for the quality / price ratio are certainly those found in Vinewood Hills . I, for example. with just over $ 500,000 I was able to purchase a lush villa overlooking the city.

The house I purchased has 3 floors and has a huge bedroom , a spacious bathroom and a kitchen with living room with a view directly on the most beautiful skyscrapers of the game. There is also a room where you can organize your criminal activities. Also included in the price is one of the best garages that can be found on GTA Online.

Vinewood Hills GTA Online Apartment

You will surely feel rich with such a house and all the villas located in Vinewood Hills are excellent. You will look down on the people who are in the city and you can comfortably carry out all your home activities. These villas can be purchased through the Dinasty 8 dealer .

Eclipse Tower

Eclipse Tower GTA Online

If you want to aim directly at the top, you can only choose the Eclipse Tower , or the skyscraper that all the inhabitants of the city can only admire from below. There are several suites available, but the best one is the 3.

There are all the necessary services and a luxury garage with 10 parking spaces is also included . There is also the possibility of choosing interior furnishings , which cannot be done in less expensive structures. There are several selectable styles: modern , melancholic , lively , elegant , monochromatic , seductive , regal and marine .

Eclipse Tower GTA Online furniture

In short, certainly one of the best choices you can make on GTA Online in terms of housing. The cost of individual suites is around $ 1,000,000 from the Dinasty 8 dealer .

2866 Hillcrest Avenue

Hillcrest Avenue GTA Online

A property highly valued by GTA Online players is 2866 Hillcrest Avenue . In fact, the latter is slightly displaced compared to the villas that are usually chosen by users, but has an exceptional view of the northern part of Los Santos .

It is located high in the hill and therefore, by purchasing it, you can look down on the inhabitants of the city. There is also a good garage and modern furniture , which will make you feel like a high-ranking person.

The home price is set at $ 525,000 by the Dinasty 8 dealer .

Best GTA Online Weapons

Turning around the map of GTA Online, you came across shady characters who seem to have no good intentions towards you. For this reason, you decided to look for weapons to go and “party” to the bad guys, right? If so, let me give you some advice.

Long range: Marksman rifle

GTA Online marksman rifle

If you want to hit long-range enemies, you clearly need a sniper. Well, the sniper rifle is definitely a good solution from this point of view.

It is a weapon appreciated by users above all for its extreme versatility , given that in reality it can be used at all distances. The damage done is good and the range and accuracy are excellent. The weak point is obviously the rate of fire, but from long distance you won’t need it too much.

You can purchase this weapon from the Ammu-Nation dealer at a price of $ 15,750 . If you don’t know how to reach the shop, just open the game map , select Ammu-Nation from the list on the right and physically go with your character on the spot .

Medium distance: Bullpup rifle

Bullpup GTA Online rifle

Described from the game itself as “the last Chinese weapon to conquer America”, the bullpup rifle is excellent for medium range.

It has in fact an excellent rate of fire and a good precision . The damage dealt and range are not the best, but surely this won’t be a big deal against most enemies.

The price is set at $ 14,500 by Ammu-Nation .

Short range: Heavy pump action shotgun

Heavy-duty shotgun GTA Online

As for short-range weapons, I can not fail to mention the heavy shotgun .

Introduced with the 2014 “Last Team Standing” update, this weapon is capable of doing a lot of damage to the enemy when it is close. Not bad also the rate of fire , while clearly the accuracy and range are not the best. The price isn’t that prohibitive: $ 13,550 from the Ammu-Nation dealer .

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