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Best FIFA icons

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Best FIFA icons: FIFA is the historical series of Electronic Arts football video games that every year entertains fans of this sport for a long time all over the world. These are apparently simple titles to play, since almost anyone can learn the basics. However, to compete online in modes like Ultimate Team, you need to master the most advanced possibilities offered by the gameplay, but above all to set up a team capable of giving the opponents a hard time. Well, I’m here today to give you advice from this point of view.

In fact, in this tutorial I will explain which are the best FIFA icons . I will not simply provide you with the names of the most valid players, but I will also analyze the statistics that are usually analyzed by the most experienced fans. I will then focus on the information disclosed directly by the developers, so as to draw conclusions by examining the verified data and remaining as neutral as possible. Furthermore, I will not fail to explain to you what are the main techniques for taking players home at a reduced price.

What do you say? Are you ready to enter the world of FIFA icons with me? In my opinion, yes, given that you seem particularly fond of this game: I really think you can’t wait to put on the field the player you are so fond of and to see him score a goal. Well, if this is the case, all you have to do is simply make yourself comfortable, take a few minutes of time for yourself and follow the quick instructions below. Having said that, there is nothing else for me to do, except to wish you happy reading and have fun!

Preliminary information

Pep Guardiola FIFA 20 icon

Before explaining which are the best FIFA icons , I think you might be interested to know more about what it is.

Well, the Electronic Arts video game uses the term “icons” to refer to the greatest legends of football ever , to those players who have left an indelible memory in the minds of fans of this sport from all over the world.

To give you concrete examples, in FIFA 20 , among the most famous icons are Diego Armando Maradona , Raúl , Pep Guardiola , Javier Zanetti , Paolo Maldini and Ruud Gullit , just to mention some of the most important names. However, there are several icons in the game and for this reason it is important to know how to choose the best ones.

Well, you have to know that the icons are nothing more than normal “enhanced” players . In fact, the statistics on which you have to base your choices are exactly what you expect from FIFA: speed , shot , pass , dribbling , defense and physique . In short, the method to understand what are the legends that can do for you is the same that you use when choosing a common footballer.

Raul FIFA 20

To give you concrete examples, it is clear that if you aim at a defender you will have to look for high values ​​mainly as regards defense and physique , while if you are looking for an attacker your attention will have to shift more to shooting than to other characteristics. Put simply, your choices should be based on the usual statistics, as well as obviously on the price and your needs . In any case, later we will talk about the strongest icons in general, so I advise you to continue reading, since you may find what is right for you.

Before going to see the names of the best legends, however, I want to clarify that, sometimes, you may find the same legend with different photos and statistics . In fact, the developers have decided to insert several variations of the same icons. To give you a concrete example, in December 2019 the Prime version of the Pele icon was launched , which had a total rating of 98 , while in February 2020 the Prime Moments version was released , which has a total of 99 . In short, pay attention to which version you buy for a certain icon, since it may not be the strongest one.

Ranking of the best FIFA icons

FIFA icons

After explaining the features you need to take into account to bring home a good icon, I would say that the time has come to go into detail on the names of the most valid legends . Well, you need to know that important indications come directly from the developers of the game, as EA is used to publish rankings relating to the best players.

In the case of icons, there is actually no real “ranking”, as is the case with “normal” players, but simply names are given for the most interesting players . The method for accessing these indications changes according to the version of FIFA you have, but to give you more details I will give you a concrete example.

Well, taking into consideration FIFA 20 , all you have to do to access EA’s “advice” is simply to connect to this page of the official FUT website using any browser for browsing the Web . Here you will find both an image of the available icons and some detailed information on the most important names.

FIFA icon statistics

Generally speaking, in FIFA 20, the developers decided to highlight Juan Román Riquelme , Pep Guardiola , Ronald Koeman , Michael Essien , Gianluca Zambrotta , Kenny Dalglish , John Barnes , Ian Wright , Ian Rush , Hugo Sánchez , Garrincha , Didier Drogba , Carlo Alberto Torres , Andrea Pirlo and Kakà . In the official portal, there are also descriptionsof individual players: it is good to consult them, so as to understand why EA considers them important. In short, at this point you have already obtained some interesting indications to understand which icons are right for you.

However, if you need specific advice on a role , you can press on the items POR , DIF , CEN and ATT present in the center of the page. This way, you will be given interesting names based on the location you have chosen. For example, selecting the attackers , Pelé (99), Diego Maradona (99), Ronaldo (97), Johann Cruyff (96), Roberto Baggio (94), Ronaldinho (95), George Best (94), Eusébio ( 94), Rivaldo (93),Thierry Henry (95) and many others. In short, the official website is able to provide you with particularly detailed information about which are the most valid legends: you just need to search according to your needs.

Best FIFA quality price icons

For example, if you are looking for the best FIFA COC icons , you simply have to find the players who hold that role, starting from the page dedicated to midfielders . Regarding this particular case, for example, you may be interested in Rui Costa (91) or Jari Litmanen (91).

Best low cost FIFA icons

Rio Ferdinand FIFA icons

How do you say? Would you like to take home the best FIFA icons for quality price ? Well, then I have some indications they could do for you. In fact, over the years, players have found ways to buy players at the lowest possible cost.

In particular, one of the techniques most used by enthusiasts is the so-called sniping . If you don’t know, the latter consists in monitoring the market of the Ultimate Team mode , waiting for some novice users to sell a player at a lower price than the “standard” one . In this way, you can take the players home at a lower cost than the real market value and you can make excellent deals. Clearly, it is necessary to be able to get there before the other fans who are “snipering” the same player.

This technique is usually implemented by console or PC , but in reality there are also supporters of the FUT Web App , given that someone says that in this platform the players appear first on the market. Obviously, being a technique to “save”, there is no perfect method: everyone has their own way of understanding sniping .

To give you a concrete example, you usually set a Buy Now price which is both advantageous and likely compared to the current market cost, you enter a high value (e.g. 11,000,000) as the maximum price and increase it at each research . In this way, the page linked to the market refreshes very quickly and the player has the possibility to conclude the deal  quickly, surpassing the other users.

Buy FIFA icons now

I only touched the tip of the iceberg of the topic. If you want to know more, I recommend you take a look at my guide on how to sniff on FIFA . I invite you to start from here, and then find the method that best suits your needs , by carrying out the necessary tests.

Since you usually play FIFA, you might think to consult my tutorials on how to get free credits on FIFA and on how to buy expiring players on FIFA (Career mode). Also, I invite you to take a look at my FIFA page on my site , where you can find other guides that might be right for you.