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Best emails

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Best emails: To stay in touch with friends and relatives, you would like to create your first e-mail address but, not being very familiar with the computer and with the world of technology, you are a bit hesitant about the success of this operation. You also have doubts about it, since you don’t have the faintest idea which Webmail service to use.

You are definitely right! It is not easy to navigate the vast world of the Web and, especially, if you are a first-time user, choosing an e-mail service can be confusing. Despite this I want to reassure you; I’m here to help you make the right choice for what your needs are. In fact, today’s tutorial will be dedicated to reviewing the main Webmail services, so that you can find the one that suits you best.

Don’t worry if you are not comfortable with e-mail services: in this guide I will explain everything in a very simple way. I’m sure that, at the end of reading, you will no longer have doubts about which emails are best for you and you will have clarified your ideas. Let it bet? Having clarified these premises, are you ready to start? Yup? Very well! As usual, before we begin, I want to wish you a good read.


Best free emails

The truth is that, nowadays, to have a quality mailbox, you don’t need to spend a penny , as there are providers that offer excellent services completely free. If you have no special needs, one of those listed below will be able to give you simple management, good storage space and other additional functions that are more or less useful depending on the case.


Gmail is the mail service that Google provides and is also one of the most popular ever being closely connected to other services that the Mountain View giant provides for free to its users such as YouTube , Documents (which includes spreadsheets), Play Store , Google Photos and many others. To create a new email address through this platform, all you have to do is connect to the Google registration page and enter your credentials that will be associated with the profile such as name, password and the address you want to use for your email. After clicking on the Next button, the provider also asks you to associate a telephone number (which may also be common to other profiles) to end the registration.

Once you have filled in all the spaces and completed the procedure, you can immediately start sending and receiving e-mails. Google offers its users a storage space of 15 GB (with paid plans, if more GB are needed), which will be used in common with all other services such as Photos and Documents.

It should also be emphasized the integration with Google Drive as regards the sending of heavy attachments: files with dimensions up to 25 MB can be attached to an email sent with Gmail . In the case of larger attachments, however, all is not lost: the file will be automatically uploaded to Google Drive and a download link will be inserted in the email.

Speaking of Gmail’s features, we should also mention its different customization options. The categorization of messages is done through labels that can be added or removed to the mailbox. Then there is the possibility of further personalizing the e-mail by setting a background theme by also uploading a personalized image.

Google e-mail also offers support for IMAP or POP3 , thus allowing you to download e-mail messages even if you want to use a desktop client to manage your digital correspondence (find the configuration parameters here). The offered email address will be of the type [chosenname] @ . Gmail is therefore the best e-mail service via the Web for those who want complete integration with Google services and products.

Of Gmail there is also the mobile app for Android and iOS / iPadOS from which it is possible to manage all aspects directly on the mobile device. To know more about how to configure Gmail, I leave you my dedicated tutorial.



Outlook is Microsoft ‘s email provider , an equally good alternative to Gmail. To date, in fact, Outlook is certainly one of the best e-mail services and is absolutely capable of giving Gmail a hard time, in terms of popularity.

The Outlook user interface is particularly clear and clean and offers a subdivision of emails into folders with only two main labels: Highlighted and Other . Among its strengths there is certainly its immediacy of use and its advanced spam filter that automatically moves unwanted emails to the appropriate folder.

Outlook email also offers integration with Microsoft services such as OneDrive , Skype , and Teams . The possibilities to customize the mailbox from an aesthetic point of view are possible thanks to the presence of numerous themes but, worthy of absolute note, there is the integration with some tools dedicated to productivity.

Microsoft’s e-mail, in fact, can be customized by adding add-ons that can make work easier. Most notable add-ons include integration with Trello , Evernote , Paypal , and even GIPHY .

Also very useful is the ability to access the main Microsoft services quickly, through a shortcut menu that refers to the use of useful services, including the online versions of the Microsoft Office suite . The management of heavy attachments is entrusted to OneDrive.

Outlook also offers integration with Flow , a Microsoft service dedicated to productivity that allows you to automate some aspects of your work by customizing the service.

Outlook is therefore an equally noteworthy e-mail service and is especially recommended for those who consider Gmail’s e-mail management unintuitive. The e-mail address provided by Outlook will be of the type [nomedatescelto] @ , [nomedatescelto] @ or [nomedatescelto] @ .

Outlook is also available from desktop client and supports email management via IMAP and POP3 (find the configuration parameters here). To create an email address through the Redmond company, all you have to do is connect to the main page and start the registration procedure . Find all the details in my tutorial on how to create an Outlook account; you will have the possibility to choose between the endings , and .

Microsoft offers a space of 15 GB and it is possible to manage everything through the practical app available both for Android (also on alternative stores) and for iOS / iPadOS . If you want to know more in detail how Outlook works, you can find my detailed tutorial on the subject.


apple id

iCloud Mail is Apple’s e-mail service, integrated “as standard” in all devices of the Cupertino company, but also accessible from a browser and desktop client via IMAP protocol. It is part of the iCloud suite of services, therefore it is associated with the iCloud Drive storage space , which offers 5 GB of free space (with the possibility of increasing the space for a fee).

In addition to the classic services for rules and antispam, iCloud also offers the possibility of creating up to 3 aliases (personalized “secondary” email addresses that always lead back to the main one); moreover, through the iCloud + paid service integrated in the iCloud paid plans, it is possible to create unique and private addresses using the Hide my email service (ideal for registering for online services without revealing your original address). For large attachments, you can rely on MailDrop, which allows you to send files up to 5GB in size.

You can create a mailbox on iCloud directly from the browser or from the iPhone and iPad settings , by pressing on the word Log in on [device name] and then on that Create Apple ID .

After entering the necessary data, you will be asked if you want to use an existing email or choose to create one with iCloud : selecting this option will open the screen where you can enter the address to create. In case you need more information on how to create an Apple ID, you can find all the details in the guide that I have just linked to you.

More free emails


If you are not satisfied with the services just mentioned, you can also contact the alternative ones listed below, which are equally valid.

  • Libero Mail – e-mail provider to which you can subscribe in a very simple and fast way. The space provided for users is 1 GB which, for emails alone, is more than enough. For all the details, read my in-depth information on how to create a mailbox with Libero.
  • TIM Mail – formerly Alice Mail has a registration procedure and an interface very similar to that of Libero, with the advantage of offering 3 GB instead of 1 GB for archiving messages. More info here.
  • Yahoo! Mail – offers 1 TB of memory (1000 GB) enough to store messages and attachments for a very long time. You can find out how to create a mailbox with Yahoo in the tutorial I just linked to you.

Best emails for work

If you are looking for the best professional emails that allow you to manage your company’s mail in absolute simplicity, don’t worry. In fact, there are several viable solutions for those who have business needs without spending excessive amounts or having to get involved with complex and not very intuitive clients.

Domain with Aruba email


Are you planning to open an email address for your business or to strengthen your online presence? In this case, you’d better choose custom domain email addresses .

How come I tell you this? Well, very simple: an email address that has as its domain (i.e. the final part after the at sign) an exclusive address, for example the name of your company, is much more professional than one that has @ , @ as its domain. , @ or any other address most used for opening personal mailboxes.

So I want to recommend Aruba’s domain service with email , which for € 0.99 + VAT the first year and then € 15.49 + VAT / year upon renewal includes the registration of a domain (to be chosen from over 700 extensions available) , 5 personalized 1 GB email accounts complete with access via Webmail, antispam and antivirus, Swite service to create automatically updated websites from your social profiles, DNS and redirect management and 24-hour assistance.

To get your domain with personalized email boxes with Aruba, just connect to this page , click on the purchase button for the Domain service with email and check the availability of the domain of your interest using the form that is proposed to you. Select, therefore, the extensions to buy (eg .com , it and .eu ; I recommend that you register more extensions to get more visibility online) and continue by following the simple instructions on the screen.

During the procedure you will have to indicate the services to be included in the package, access your Aruba account (or create one), enter the required data and pay with one of the many secure payment methods supported by Aruba (eg PayPal, card or bank transfer) .

Once you have obtained the domain and your personalized e-mail boxes, you can access them from Webmail (therefore directly from the browser), by logging into your Aruba account, or from classic e-mail clients, configuring them via IMAP / POP3 parameters .

If you are looking for a more complete solution with which to create your entire site from scratch, I suggest you take a look at SuperSite by Aruba , a service that allows you to create professional-looking websites, blogs and e-commerce without having to write code or install programs on your computer using a drag-and-drop editor. You can use it free for 30 days, after which it costs from 39 euros / year + VAT the first year and 49 euros + VAT / year for the SuperSite Professional plan with 5 mailboxes, SSL DV certificate and free assistance. I told you about it in detail in my tutorial on how to build a website with Aruba.

More emails for work


  • Google Workspace – Google offers a whole host of great professional services for businesses looking for something a step beyond classic free tools. Here you can find the detailed explanation on the former G Suite.
  • Microsoft 365 – Microsoft too, just like Google, offers a number of paid business options for anyone who wants a higher level of service. For an in-depth explanation on how to create a Microsoft corporate account, take a look here.
  • Fastmail – an email service that focuses on the privacy of user data and allows the use of personalized domains; ideal for both companies and individuals. It is very reliable and quick in handling mail. It’s paid only, with prices starting at $ 3 per month after a 30-day free trial.

Best anonymous emails


Are you looking for an anonymous email service to send email messages without the need to share your real address or other personal data? Then you can opt for Emkei’s Mailer , which does not even require registration to be used and works directly from the browser.

To use it, all you have to do is connect to its main page and fill in the various required fields (in English but with a Google translation that works well), to send your mail without revealing the sender. Once you have entered any attachments, to send the message you just need to press the Send button that you find below the message text.

How do you say? Would you like to receive and not send emails anonymously? In that case, check out my tutorial on the best free temporary emails without registration .

Article created in collaboration with Aruba.