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Best Duel Links decks

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Best Duel Links decks: You are a big fan of the Yu-Gi-Oh trading card game and, recently, you have also approached its video game transposition, called Duel Links , which is available for mobile devices and PCs. The game is having fun and you are building your own custom deck, but you have noticed that something is wrong: you are not able to compete as you would like with others and, therefore, you have thought of looking for some advice online to compose a competitive deck. Things are this way, am I right? Well then I’d say you’ve come to the right place!

In today’s tutorial, in fact, I will explain which are the best decks of Duel Links . In case you are wondering, I will go to deal with all the needs that a Yu-Gi-Oh player may have, by making subdivisions by type of game. I will also not fail to provide you with all the details of the case regarding how to unlock the main default decks present within the title, so that you can have a large number of cards.

Courage: why are you still standing motionless in front of the screen? Are you planning to build your dream deck on Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links? I’d say yes, since you’ve come this far and are reading this tutorial with particular interest. Come on then, all you have to do is take a few minutes of free time and follow the directions below. I can assure you that the guide is quite quick to complete: you will see that you will be able to reach your goal in a flash! Having said that, there is nothing else for me to do, except to wish you happy reading and have fun!

Preliminary information

Best Duel Links decks

Before explaining which are the how to play checkers on the Internet , I think you might be interested to know more about these decks and the title involved.

Well, Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links , available for free for Android , iOS / iPadOS and Steam (Windows PC) , is a game that brings the experience of traditional physical trading cards into the virtual world . The title relies heavily on deck building , i.e. building your own deck of cards.

Inside the game there are hundreds of cards (over 700) , and of course we are talking about the same which are also available in physical edition. Even the game rules are clearly those to which the Yu-Gi-Oh series has accustomed the players: you win when the opponent’s life total goes to zero . This means that it is possible to build particularly complex custom decks , made of Monster , Magic and Trap cards . The latter can be obtained by purchasing envelopes through gems(the virtual currency available in-game), unlocking characters called Legendary Duelists or leveling them up.

As you may have already guessed, the title pushes the player to create the most suitable deck of cards for his needs and this step is of fundamental importance to be able to bring home concrete results, both against artificial intelligence and in battles against others players . For this reason, I advise you to pay particular attention to the indications that I will give you in the next chapters.

Best Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links decks

After giving you a general smattering of the game, I’d say you’re ready for action. Below, therefore, you will find everything you need to get the deck of your dreams, from the indications to have the best decks of cards for the various game modes to the traditional decks that can be unlocked in Duel Links.

Deck of Legendary Duelists

Yami Yugi Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links

Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links includes various unlockable characters , which are also among the most iconic in the universe resulting from the Kazuki Takahashi manga. Each of them has its own deck and therefore it is important to unlock all the Legendary Duelists in order to use their cards in their own personalized deck . You don’t know how to do it? I’ll explain right away how to proceed.

Well, at the beginning of the game you will be asked to choose between Yami Yugi  and Seto Kaiba . This will be the first character you unlock and you will clearly have his deck available right away . For the rest, all you have to do is continue playing and complete the missions proposed by the game. You can access them by clicking on the Missions icon on the top left.

By completing the objectives proposed by the game and redeeming the relative rewards , you will advance in the various phases of the game. Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links will gradually introduce you to the Legendary Duelists through dialogues , so you will not be able to miss their arrival in the game world in any way. However, in order for a Legendary Duelist to appear, it is usually necessary to reach a certain Phase , defeat this character in battle and meet other conditions .

To give you a concrete example, to unlock Joey Wheeler , just reach Phase 3 and defeat him . As for Tea Gardner and his deck of cards, you have to get to Phase 5 , defeat her , use Magic / Trap cards 5 times and beat her again (but at level 20 ) in Duel World.

Usually, to challenge the Legendary Duelists, you have to press on the Gate on the right in the main screen of the game and spend the Keys at your disposal. The latter can be obtained in various ways: for example, through daily rewards or by winning the various battles against normal duelists.

Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links Legendary Duelists

In some cases, certain special characters appear within the game only after performing certain specific actions . I am referring in particular to Mako Tsunami (appearing using Tribute Summoning 150 times), Bastion Misawa (you must win 50 rounds with 3 or less cards remaining in the deck), Bandit Keith (defeat 50 Legendary Duelists), Odion (use 300 trap cards), Aster Phoenix (summon Darkness-type monsters 200 times), Weevil Underwood (defeat 100 normal duelists) and Ishizu (use Tribute Summon 200 times).

Other Legendary Duelists will appear within the game in certain periods chosen by the developers . In this case, the events that allow you to unlock these characters will automatically appear within the game. During the continuation of your adventure, you may therefore find yourself faced with “old acquaintances” that perhaps you did not expect to see. Note that the Legendary Duelists, once unlocked, can be used as playable characters and can level up , allowing the user to unlock other exclusive cards .

In short, in general, I recommend you enjoy Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links and you will see that, in the end, you will be able to easily unlock all the Legendary Duelists and their respective decks. Clearly, we are talking about a game in constant evolution and therefore I want to clarify that the information in this post is to be taken as purely indicative, given that the developers may decide to make changes at any moment.


PvE Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links

The PvE mode requires the player to defy the ‘ artificial intelligence . For this reason, according to many it is important to use a deck suitable for farming , i.e. aimed at obtaining experience and objects in the shortest possible time.

In this sense, some fans claim that the decks available within the Game Store are more than good for this purpose, since they are designed by the developers to allow users to be able to defeat all the enemies related to the challenges without too many problems for single player . On the other hand, we are talking about decks enhanced compared to the default ones of the Legendary Duelists.

For this reason, I suggest you press on the shopping cart icon at the bottom and press on the doors of the shop . At this point, select the Structure item located at the bottom and you will see all the possible decks to be purchased on the screen. In the initial stages, the advanced decks cost 1000 gems , while the enhanced decks of the individual characters can usually be taken home with 500 gems .

I advise you to try to understand which character you will use the most during the game, making matches with all those you have unlocked, and to buy a deck related to it. For example, if your favorite Legendary Duelist is Yami Yugi and you have just started playing, I recommend buying the Sorcerer’s Alliance deck , while if you are in the advanced stages, you could opt for the Masters of Chaos deck .

Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links duel

In any case, it is always very difficult to give precise information about the decks, since these are always based on the player’s skills . In short, as far as PvE mode is concerned, I suggest you take a look at the Shop and choose the deck most tied to the character you use the most.


Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links PvP

The PvP mode consists of online battles against other players and, therefore, in this case, it is quite important to personalize your deck of cards , since the other players probably know very well those offered by the game and therefore also know how to fight them.

As you have probably already guessed, there are myriads of possibilities from the point of view of customization and giving general advice on the construction of a deck for PvP by Duel Links is almost impossible, since the cards to be used vary depending on the character used and the needs of the player .

However, fans of the game have decided to share their decks with other players, so that everyone can find the deck that suits their needs. The solutions proposed by the players are promptly published on the Duel Links GamePress website (in English).

Here the experts select the best decks and the latter are published in the relevant sections, that is PvP Decks and  Farming Decks (PvE). By selecting one of the decks offered by users, all the necessary information will be shown, from the cards contained inside which envelopes must be purchased to find the latter up to the weak / strong points of the deck . The decks with the dollar sign next to them are the least expensive , while those with the smiley face are also suitable for those who have just started playing.

I remind you that, to modify your deck, you must go to the Dueling Laboratory (the last building from left to right), press on the Deck Editor item and select one of the free slots of the character to which you want to assign the deck. Also don’t forget to set the skill and make the deck active .

Deck Editor Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links

In case you need more information about the game, I also advise you to consult the encyclopedia of Yu-Gi-Oh (in English), an inexhaustible source of information about the game and the universe of manga in general.

In short, you now have all the necessary information to be able to build the deck suitable for your needs on Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links. I give you a big good luck for your dueling career!