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Best chats

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Best chats: The world is moving faster and faster, requiring everyone to keep up with the times. In this context, you are finding yourself having to settle some social issues, which now inevitably also involve what we all always have with us: the smartphone. In the end, therefore, you gave up: you need to use some services, so as not to be cut off from what happens every day.

However, you have no idea how this all works and therefore need guidance on the best chats available. That’s the way it is, isn’t it? Don’t worry: you have come to the right place, as I am going to deepen a little bit of all the main solutions of this type. Whether you simply want to keep in touch with friends or acquaintances or you are actually looking for a new love, the services I will review here could be for you.

What do you say? Are you ready to sort out the social issues you’ve been carrying around for too long? I assure you that using this type of applications is easier than expected, obviously taking the right precautions. In any case, below you can find all the relevant information, which will lead you directly to the choice of the app or service that’s right for you. That said, there is nothing left for me to do but wish you a good read and a big good luck for everything!


Best messaging chats

If you intend to keep in touch quickly with friends and acquaintances, you can only consider using an instant messaging app , since the latter have now replaced the classic SMS. In case you don’t know, these solutions use an Internet connection to allow you to send messages for free . If you want to use them, therefore, your mobile device must be connected to a Wi-Fi network or make use of data connectivity (which requires a special subscription). In any case, below I am going to consider the most well-known apps of this type.


A guide on the best chats cannot but start with WhatsApp , that is Meta’s instant messaging app (formerly Facebook), used by many users to keep in constant contact. To be clear, now we no longer ask “ Do you have a cell phone? “, But“ Do you have WhatsApp “?.

In short, people you know are probably already using this handy application, which is available for free for both Android and iPhone devices . If you have doubts about the installation procedure, I recommend that you refer to my tutorials on how to download applications on Android and how to download apps on iPhone. If, on the other hand, you have an Android device without Play Store , I suggest you take a look at my guide on how to install apps on HUAWEI.

For the rest, using the service is extremely simple, since you just need to register your phone number , type a special code that is sent via SMS and start using the app, perhaps by writing to those who are already in your contacts . WhatsApp is divided into a few simple sections and also allows you to make calls and video calls , always using an Internet connection . You may also want to know that there are groups , which are chats in which multiple people can participate .

In short, you can’t go wrong: in any case, if you need more information, you can consult my guides on how WhatsApp works, how to send messages on WhatsApp, how to call with WhatsApp, how to create a group on WhatsApp and how to have WhatsApp on two devices (the number can be registered on a single smartphone, but then it can eventually be connected, for example, to a PC). Put simply, there is no shortage of information on this.


Telegram Best messaging chats

How do you say? Are you one of those slightly more geek users who want to go beyond WhatsApp ? Have you heard of Telegram but you are not sure what it is? No problem: I’ll give you the general picture right away.

Well, Telegram is nothing more than an instant messaging app , just like WhatsApp. What can be done? Everything you are thinking about: texting , making calls and video calls , creating groups and so on. How is registration done? Simple: insert your phone number , enter the code received via SMS and that’s it. What platforms is it available for? Android , iOS / iPadOS and Windows / macOS / Linux . It’s free? Yes .

In short, the similarities with WhatsApp are there, since it is basically a very similar service. However, a good number of people are banking on Telegram due to very popular features like channels . To be clear, the latter are chats in which only administrators can write, while the others can read. What can such a thing be for? Do you remember the dear old newsletters: here, imagine a modern version, in which the news arrives by message rather than by e-mail.

Not to mention the channels that keep people updated on offers and so on: in short, you might want to take a look at my tutorial on the best Telegram channels, where you can find listed some of what I believe to be the best Telegram chats . You may also be interested in seeing my guide on how to find Telegram channels. For the rest, other interesting possibilities are, for example, the Saved Messages chat (a sort of conversation with yourself in which you can save reminders and more) and the so-called bots .

Best Telegram chat bots

The latter are nothing more than automatic chats , designed to carry out some type of activity. You know the digital assistants you happen to have a conversation with when you want to get assistance for some service (for example, TOBi from Vodafone)? Here, it is a service of that type, but in this case the bots can carry out many activities, for example automatically inform you about the status of your shipments. All obviously always via messages on Telegram. Convenient, isn’t it? In this regard, if you are wondering which are the best chat bots for Telegram , you may be interested in consulting my guides on how bots work on Telegram and on the best bots for Telegram.

In short, as you can well see, although on the surface Telegram and WhatsApp seem almost identical, the reasons why someone decides to use the first are there. For the rest, if you have doubts about this service, you can consult my tutorials on how Telegram works, how to chat on Telegram and how to create a group on Telegram.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger Best chats

Facebook Messenger is a bit different service than WhatsApp and Telegram . In the sense, it is still an instant messaging service , but in this case everything is connected to the popular social network Facebook.

Put simply, when you send a private message to another user through the latter, you are using Messenger , so much so that using Facebook from mobile devices you are required to download and install the appropriate app for Android and iOS / iPadOS devices . What can be done? A bit of everything, in addition to text messages , you can make calls and video calls , as well as create groups and so on.

How does it differ from the other solutions mentioned so far? It is not necessary to communicate a phone number , as conversations can take place directly with users who have accepted the friendship on Facebook . Essentially, therefore, you can do everything even without knowing the phone number of other people, as the service is associated with the social network and its use.

Incidentally, the Messenger app is available on the Microsoft Store for Windows . For the rest, if you think this solution may interest you, you can refer to my guides on how to download Messenger, how to call with Facebook Messenger and how Messenger works. For the rest, if you are looking for company or love, you might like to take a look at my guide on how Facebook Dating works, in which I have deepened the special service linked to the well-known social network.

Other instant messaging services

Signal Best chats

Now that you know the main instant messaging services available on the market, you must know that, contrary to what one might think, there are actually many other solutions of this type.

Among those that in my view are the most interesting, there are the apps indicated below, which work in a similar way to WhatsApp , Telegram and Facebook Messenger , but have peculiar characteristics and over the years have attracted a good number of users (also following inefficiencies encountered by the most popular apps).

  • Signal ( Android / iOS / iPadOS / Windows / macOS / Linux ): Focused on privacy and well seen even by Edward Snowden, the NSA mole, this instant messaging app was built by the creators of end-to-end technology themselves used by WhatsApp. Are you looking for more information? You can find them in the tutorial on how Signal works.
  • iMessage (iOS / iPadOS / macOS): a messaging system for the Apple ecosystem, which allows iPhone, iPad and Mac users to quickly make conversations via Internet connection. It is included “standard” on all devices of the bitten apple. For more guidance on this, you can check out my guide on how iMessage works. You may also be interested in learning more about the difference between iMessage and SMS / MMS via Apple’s guidelines .
  • WeChat ( Android / iOS / iPadOS / Windows / Mac ): is a popular Chinese messaging app. It even integrates a system to send money to contacts. For all the details of the case, you can refer to my guide on how WeChat works.

For the rest, of course there are also other apps, but the ones described are the main ones and from my point of view they represent the market well. In any case, if you want to learn more about the subject, you can find all the details of the case in my tutorial on chat apps.

Better chats to meet people

Better chats to meet people

How do you say? Do you always gladly fulfill your work obligations, as well as those of the family, but all this is leading you to a situation in which you have very little free time to make new social relationships or much more simply to have a chat with friends at the bar? In this context, are you looking for a chat service that can introduce you to other people ? Well, the solutions below might be for you.

  • Tinder ( Android / iOS ): one of the most used apps for meeting girls and boys. Its match functionality, which is two people who say they are interested in each other after taking a look at their respective profiles, has become iconic. The app itself is free, but there are some subscription plans to have, for example, unlimited likes. For all the relevant indications, you can refer to my tutorial on how Tinder works.
  • eChat (Online): Are you tired of unnecessary waiting and are you in the mood ready, go? If you are single, connecting to this website may offer you the possibility, without registering, to start a conversation on the fly with other people who may be of interest. It might also be intriguing to check out my tutorial on chats without registration.
  • LOVOO ( Android / iOS / iPadOS ): Another app to rate profiles near you. A free solution, in the face of unlocking some extra features via subscription, which you may want to try to break the ice. More details in my guide on how LOVOO works.
  • Libero Chat (Online): If you have no intention of finding love but just want to talk to someone, as they did in the old days of IRC chats, you might be interested to know that Libero’s service is still active. To learn more about other similar services, you might want to take a look at my tutorial on free chats without registration.

In short, there is certainly no shortage of solutions, neither in case you want to stay in touch with your friends and acquaintances through instant messaging apps nor in the event that you intend to meet new people . Speaking of the latter scenario, among other things, I would like to advise you to also deepen my tutorials relating to dating apps and apps for singles, so as not to miss anything about what is available.