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Best android wallpapers

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You just bought a new Android smartphone and you’re having a lot of fun customizing it. You’ve already changed the launcher, icons and home screen widgets, but you still haven’t been able to find a wallpaper that suits your tastes: those included by default on your phone are a bit too anonymous and you can’t find interesting ones on the Internet . Well, it seems clear to me that you need a hand: how about if I help you?

If you dedicate five minutes of your time to me, I can tell you what, in my humble opinion, are the apps that allow you to download the  best Android wallpapers . After that, if you agree, I can show you some websites thanks to which you can find and download wallpapers of all kinds in a few taps. Whatever solution you decide to adopt, you can be sure of one thing: at the end of this reading you can have a lot of fun customizing your device with original and fun wallpapers.

Since I already feel you “pawing”, I would say not to get lost in chatter further and to go straight into the heart of this post. Do you agree? Perfect, then make yourself comfortable, take all the time you need to sift through the various solutions listed below and choose the app or website you like best to download wallpapers on Android. Happy reading and, above all, have fun!

App to download wallpapers on Android

There are numerous apps to download wallpapers on Android : here are some of the most interesting, all free and extremely easy to use. What are you waiting for? Download them on your device and try them immediately for the most suitable wallpapers for your device!

Google Wallpapers

I could not begin this examination if not talking about Google Wallpapers , the application developed by Google thanks to which it is possible to download wallpapers of all kinds for free and without having to be interrupted by annoying advertising banners. Let me tell you how to best use it.

After downloading Google Wallpapers on your smartphone or tablet, start the app by pressing the Open button or tapping its icon located on the home screen of your device; scroll the home screen to view the available categories and press on one of the boxes  to access the backgrounds of a certain category (eg Nature , to download breathtaking wallpapers relating to nature or City , to download wallpapers relating to the most beautiful cities in the world).

After identifying the background that is right for you, presses on its preview , press on the Set background item (top right) and, in the box that appears, tap on one of the available items to set the selected background: Home screen  for set the background in the home screen, lock screen  to set the lock screen, or both , to set the background in both the home screen and in the lock.

HD Wallpapers – Walli Wallpapers

HD Wallpapers – Walli Wallpapers is another wallpaper app that I recommend you download to your Android device. The value of this semi-free solution concerns the originality of the wallpapers that are included, which were created by real artists. I define Walli Wallpapers a semi-free solution, as it is possible to remove the advertising banners (included in the free version) and receive a preview of new preview features only by purchasing the Pro version of the app, which costs 2.29 euros.

After downloading Walli Wallpapers on your device, start the app and press one of the items located at the top: Categories , to navigate among the numerous categories available; Recent , to view the recently loaded wallpapers; Popular , to download the most popular wallpapers of the moment or Featured , to display the wallpapers in the foreground.

After identifying a wallpaper that is right for you, tap on its preview to view the Download and Set as Wallpaper buttons which, once pressed, allow you to download and set the selected wallpaper as background respectively.


If you are looking for an application that can allow you to both download wallpapers and upload your own, Backdrops might be the solution for you. This semi-free app contains hundreds of cool wallpapers that you can download for free, as well as some Premium wallpapers that you can unlock by making in-app purchases starting at $ 1.09 per item.

After downloading Backdrops on your device, open the app and, in its start screen, press the Login button to log in with your Google account, or tap Skip if you want to skip the login (however, you will lose functions such as the one that allows you to synchronize your favorite wallpapers on all devices).

After choosing whether to log in or not, presses on one of the icons you see on the screen to access the contents offered by Backdrops: then tap on the globe symbol  to view content from all over the planet ; press on the compass symbol  to view the contents of the day; tap on the image symbol to buy paid wallpapers, or press the heart symbol  to view your favorite content. If you want to view the contents by category, press the symbol (≡) , press on the Categories item that appears in the left side menu and select a category Of your own liking.

After identifying a wallpaper you like, press on it to preview it and press the Save button to save it on the device, on the Favorite button to save it in your favorites or on the Set button to set it directly as the background of your device.


Didn’t the wallpapers present in the apps I have shown you so far not particularly satisfy you? If so, why don’t you try to create some original and fun wallpapers yourself? If you decide to try your hand at this activity,  Tapet is the app that could be for you. This semi-free solution gives you access to a wallpaper generator that allows you to quickly and easily create wonderful wallpapers, even in Material Design. To access all the patterns, create custom color palettes and take advantage of other advanced features, however, it is necessary to purchase the full version of the app, which costs 3.39 euros.

After downloading Tapet on your Android device, start it and follow the short tutorial that you see on the screen, thanks to which you will be able to familiarize yourself with the tools that are included in the app. Then press the Done item , swipe from left to right to change the background color randomly (you can also change the background color manually, by pressing on the palette symbol ) and swipe from right to left to change the fantasy of the wallpaper you are creating.

To “switch” from one theme to another, slide your finger vertically and wait for the previous or next fantasy to be loaded. As soon as you are satisfied with the wallpaper you have created, tap the  check mark to set the newly created wallpaper on your device or, alternatively, press the floppy disk symbol to save it or the share symbol to share it with other users.

More apps to download wallpapers

The applications I have listed so far have not left you very satisfied? Don’t throw in the towel right now! Check out the following free apps and try the ones you like best – maybe you can find a solution that works for you.

  • InsWall ( Android ) – this free app not only allows you to download over 1,000 HD wallpapers, but also allows you to make your own. InsWall can be downloaded for free, but to access all the wallpapers it is necessary to proceed with in-app purchases starting at € 1.09 per item.
  • Resplash  ( Android ) – this free app is particularly rich in high-resolution wallpapers: the library boasts over 100,000 wallpapers, each more beautiful than the other. Resplash allows not only to download wallpapers manually, but to set them directly in the app. To unlock all wallpapers, you need to make in-app purchases starting at € 0.79 per item.
  • HD Wallpapers  ( Android / iOS ) – this minimal design app offers a particularly rich wallpaper catalog which is regularly expanded with the addition of new wallpapers. The backgrounds are all free and have been organized into 30 categories for easy reference.
  • Zedge  ( Android / iOS ) – thanks to this app you can not only download great wallpapers and backgrounds, but also some great ringtones (as I explained to you in this tutorial). Zedge is also available as an online service , I’ll tell you more about it a little later, again in this post.

Sites to download wallpapers on Android

Don’t want to download a wallpaper saving app to your device? No problem, you can do this directly from the browser you use on your Android device, just visit the sites to download wallpapers listed below, which may be right for you.


Are you looking for a site that allows you to download nature wallpapers in a simple and intuitive way? Android might be the right solution for you. Android is characterized by a very “clean” and minimal checkered interface, which is almost totally devoid of buttons, menus and so on: to download a wallpaper, just tap on its preview, press on its name and proceed to download the image as you would any other photo displayed in the browser of your Android device (or your PC).

To identify the wallpapers that have recently been loaded on Android Wallpaper, presses on the calendar symbol , while to identify the most popular probes of the moment, presses on the heart symbol . Android is also available as a free application known as Muzei .


Another website that I recommend you visit to download wallpapers on your Android device is Zedge , an online service that allows you to search for many wallpapers to use to customize and embellish your device. Zedge boasts the presence of over 9 million free wallpapers of all kinds and, as if that were not enough, it also offers the download of numerous ringtones (if you remember, I already told you about it in the tutorial where I explain how to download free ringtones).

After connecting to the main page of Zedge, tap on one of the available items to browse the site contents: Categories , to locate wallpapers by selecting one of the 21 available categories; Featured , to display the wallpapers in the foreground; Recent , to view the wallpapers that have been loaded recently or Popular , to find the most popular wallpapers of the moment.

As soon as you have identified a wallpaper you like, press on its preview , tap on the Download item  that appears below and wait for the image to be downloaded to your device, ready to be set as a home screen and / or lock screen wallpaper . If you want, you can view the wallpapers (and possibly also the ringtones) that you downloaded with Zedge by tapping on the symbol (≡) and pressing the Download History item .

As I indicated in the previous chapter, Zedge is also available as a free application for  Android and iOS .


MobileWalls is another site that I recommend you to visit and thanks to which you can download free wallpapers that are optimized for your Android device (as well as for iOS and Windows 10 Mobile). On MobileWalls there are all kinds of wallpapers: wallpapers that relate to nature, video games, sports, music, animals and many other themes.

After connecting to the MobileWalls home page, tap on the Android item and, in the drop-down menu you see on the screen, select the name of the device in your possession. Then tap on the symbol (≡) at the top right and, in the menu that appears on the left side, select one of the categories available on MobileWalls.

As soon as you have identified a wallpaper that is right for you, press the Download Now button  to view it on the internal screen and download the image by making a long tap on the wallpaper and selecting the Download image item in the menu that appears on the screen.


Android wallpapers

Although not specifically designed for Android devices, Unsplash is a site that I highly recommend you take into consideration: it collects very high resolution photos that can be used as wallpaper for computers, smartphones and tablets and which – equally interesting – they can be downloaded and used freely as they are not covered by copyright (they are released under the Creative Commons Zero license ).

To download a wallpaper from Unsplash, all you have to do is connect to the home page of the site and select one of the categories listed above (eg  Nature for wallpapers dedicated to nature or  Landscape for landscapes). Then locate the images you like and download them by pressing the arrow icon  located under their thumbnail and saving the images using the appropriate function of your browser.