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Beautiful games for Android

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Beautiful how to play checkers on the Internet: For many people, smartphones and tablets have now taken the place of portable video game consoles. On the other hand, the quantity and quality of the titles available for mobile devices only increases day by day. In this regard, many friends who contact me asking for advice on beautiful how to play checkers on the Internet to download on your deivce, mobile phone or tablet that is, to spend a few minutes of relaxation.

Making a list of all the video games that would be worth trying is impossible, they are hundreds and hundreds. However, I can try to make a list of must-have games genre by genre that everyone should like a little. It’s down here.

So take a few minutes of free time all for yourself, grab your Android device, get comfortable and start focusing on reading this article. I am sure that in less than no time you will be able to find even more of a game capable of attracting your attention and that you will also be ready and happy to recommend all your friends eager to receive similar tips. Now, however, just chat. But now let’s ban the talk and proceed. I wish you a good read.

Puzzle game

Let’s start this guide dedicated to beautiful how to play checkers on the Internet from one of the most loved gaming genres by mobile users: the puzzle games. You are spoiled for choice for how many interesting titles you can find on Google Play. Here they are.

  • 2048  – It is an old glory of the Play Store. A few years ago it made a lot of talk about itself and now it attracts much less attention but it is still a noteworthy title. In a 4 × 4 table you have to add the numbered pieces of the same value in order to obtain the highest score, up to 2048. It’s free.
  • Candy Crush Saga  – This is the initial chapter of one of the most famous puzzle game sagas ever. As well known, it is necessary to pair the candies of the same type reaching the goal of the level in the maximum number of moves allowed. It’s free.

  • Mr Flap – It is a nice game inspired by Flappy Bird ( do you remember? ) In which you have to guide a bird in a circular level avoiding obstacles. Very hard. It’s free.
  • Tetris  – The good old Tetris in a modern key and a little revisited. Unlikely you don’t know him. Indeed, impossible. It’s free.
  • Monument Valley  – A beautiful and now famous puzzle game in which you have to guide a little man from one point to another of the proposed level. During the journey you have to move platforms and overcome obstacles of various kinds. It costs 2.99 euros.
  • Dots  – This is a fun puzzle game where you have to join the colored dots of the same color. Includes time limited and limited number of moves. It’s free.
  • Mekorama – It is a decidedly singular title, with a beautiful three-dimensional graphic interface and even including an internal level editor. The aim of the game is to control a nice little robot to allow it to reach the final goal. It’s free.

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  • Bubble Blaze – This is without doubt one of the best clones ever of the good old Puzzle Bobble. To try absolutely. It’s free.
  • Prune – A title with decidedly relaxing tones in which you must help a tree to grow, directing it towards the sunlight and avoiding obstacles. It costs 3.99 euros.
  • Platform and Action

    Now let’s move on to another category of games widely appreciated and appreciated by most: the platformers and the action titles. There is no shortage of great classics but also some news to be discovered. To find out more, take a look below.

    • GTA San Andreas  – According to many it is one of the best chapters of the GTA series. It has excellent 3D graphics and optimized controls for the touch-screen. It costs 6.99 euros.
    • Rayman Fiesta Run  – It’s an exciting Rayman series title for smartphones and tablets. Definitely one of the most successful of its kind, with colorful graphics and frenetic gameplay at the right point. It costs 2.99 euros.

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  • Super Mario Run – It is the official Super Mario title made available by Nintendo for smartphones and tablets. The characters and the aim of the game are the same as always. To change is the fact that the good Mario is moved automatically on a horizontal plane. It’s free but offers in-app purchases to unlock all levels.
  • Lep’s World 3  – It is certainly the best alternative to the classic Super Mario for smartphones and tablets. Its protagonist is a nice elf. It’s free.
  • Badland 2  – This is the second chapter of a highly original title with a highly sought after artistic sector in which a fleet of birds must be led at the end of the various levels avoiding all the obstacles present in them. It’s free.
  • Paradise Island 2  – It is the second episode of a highly appreciated game on the Play Store where you have to create and run a holiday island by taking on the role of manager. It’s free.
  • Dead Trigger 2  – A beautiful 3D zombie shooter and many, many weapons. It’s free.
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    • Swordigo – The aim of this game between the platform and the RPG genre is to kill all the enemies in such a way as to make the protagonist as strong as possible. It’s free.
    • Subway Surfers  – This is a cartoon-style endless running in which you have to blow up a boy among various obstacles, first of all running trains. It’s free.

    Strategy and RPG

    To the delight of lovers of titles belonging to the strategy and RPG genres, here is a nice selection of those which, in my humble opinion, represent some of the most beautiful games for the mobile platform of the “green robot”. Quality and fun are guaranteed for all fans.

    • Adventures of Mana – Better known as Final Fantasy Adventure and Mystic Quest, it first appeared in 1991 on the Nintendo Gameboy handheld console and was the origin of the Mana series. As in its original version, in the variant for mobile device all revolves around the protection of the sacred Mana tree and the search for a legendary sword. It costs 14.99 euros.
    • Plants vs Zombies 2  – This is one of the best tower defense available for Android. As in the first episode, the aim of the game is to protect your garden from a horde of hungry zombies. It’s free.

    • Castle Clash  – A nice strategic game where you have to set up your empire by conquering various cities. Among the playable characters are elves, dwarves, animals and robots. Free.
    • Clash of Clans  – It is without a doubt one of the most popular strategy titles for Android smartphones and tablets. The aim of the game is to build a village and set up an army consisting of barbarians, sorcerers, dragons and other more or less fantastic warriors to wage war on other players and expand wealth and power. It’s free.
    • 1941 Frozen Front  – A game entirely based on the war strategy set during the Second World War, in 1941. The graphics are really well cared for and the gampleay sufficiently large. It’s free.
    • Shattered Pixel Dungeon  – A nice roguelike role-playing game all based on the open source title Pixel Dungeon. What immediately catches the eye is the pleasant pixelated graphics that make the console very old. It’s free.
    • Worms 3  – A very famous strategic game featuring the cute worms of the Worms saga. It costs 4.99 euros.

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  • Kingdom Rush Origins  – It is one of the best tower defense available on the square. The goal is the usual: to prevent the advancement of enemies by practicing the most effective battle strategies possible. The graphics are well cared for and have an almost cardboard style. It’s free.
  • Baldur’s Gate II Enhanced Ed.  – This is a re-release of the second chapter of one of the most important titles in the role-playing universe. All fans will absolutely not be able to do without it. It costs 11.99 euros.
  • Sports and Motors

    In an article dedicated to beautiful how to play checkers on the Internet it is practically impossible not to mention those dedicated to various sports, such as football and car racing. Choosing among the various titles available will be really difficult given their excellent features.

    • Asphalt 8: Airborne  – A popular car racing game with 3D graphics. It can count on a fleet of 47 cars with original licenses and brands. It also supports online multiplayer. It’s free.
    • 2XL MX Offroad  – The best motocross title for mobile devices. It has beautiful 3D graphics and includes 16 original tracks. It’s free.

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  • 3D Bowling  – A fun game dedicated to bowling with very well-kept three-dimensional graphics. It’s free.
  • Table Tennis Touch  – A very well-kept title entirely dedicated to the evergreen table tennis. It includes several game modes and has very realistic three-dimensional graphics. It costs 3.39 euros.
  • 8 Ball Pool  – A nice multiplayer pool game with which to have fun for hours and hours. It’s free.
  • PES2017 – Pro Evolution Soccer – It is the football game par excellence for Android devices (and not only). You have to build a team from scratch, choose the coach and the game plan, line up the players, buy the strongest ones and so on. Obviously, matches on the pitch must also be supported. It’s free.
  • 3D Tennis Finger  – This is an excellent tennis title with three-dimensional graphics. To underline the good touch control system that allows you to play without problems with the touch-screen of the device in use. It’s free.
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  • Glow Hockey  – For table hockey fans this title is certainly ideal. The aim of the game is, precisely, to put the disk in the opponent’s net. It’s free.
  • True Skate  – Fun title with well-kept three-dimensional graphics in which you can have fun making evolutions with the tap-skateboard. It costs 2.19 euros.
  • Card games

    We conclude with a series of beautiful how to play checkers on the Internet dedicated to cards, both in single and in online multiplayer. There are both great classics and slightly more modern titles, so to speak.

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  • Scopa Jogatina  – The Scopa game with card decks and customizable game tables. It’s free.
  • Burraco Jogatina  – Burraco with support for online multiplayer 2v2 or 4v4. It’s free.
  • Briscola Jogatina  – Briscola with 3 decks of cards and 3 difficulty levels to choose from. It’s free.
  • Hearthstone  – It is the card game dedicated to the world of Warcraft. Fans (and not just them) shouldn’t miss it. It’s free.
  • UNO & Friends  – The legendary UNO with support for multiplayer mode. It’s free.
  • Best Android games

    • Tressette  – Another title that card game lovers would do well to download instantly. It is basically the game of Tressette within reach of mobile phone (or tablet). It’s free.
    • Clash Royale  – It is the card format game dedicated to the aforementioned Clash of Clans. Those who love the classic version of the GDR title will definitely not miss this exciting transposition. It’s free.