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Avatar programs

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Avatar programs: The best avatar programs.

Avatar Sizer

Avatar Sizer it is one of the best avatar programs available for Windows. Once installed, it guides the user step by step in creating a personalized avatar to be used on Internet sites, forums and social networks. Just launch it, select the photo to use as the basis for your avatar and follow the on-screen procedure to get the perfect sized avatar for every use in no time at all. It is only in English but it is extremely easy to use even for those who do not know the language well. It supports all major graphic file formats. Download from here.

Facebook Avatar Maker


As his name suggests quite easily, Facebook Avatar Maker is a free application that allows you to create avatar for Facebook starting from any type of digital photo. To use it, just click on the button click here to browse photoselect the photo to transform into an avatar and use the buttons + And to adapt the image to the model present in the program. To work, the software needs to be installed on the PC Adobe Air. It is therefore a universal application running on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Download from here.

Avatar Maker


Avatar Maker is a free application that integrates into the Windows Explorer allowing you to convert any digital photo into an avatar custom size. It includes many pre-set measurements, the most common ones for the avatar format, but you can add more. Once you have set the size of the avatar to be created (this step is not necessary), it allows you to transform a photo into an avatar simply by right clicking on it and selecting the target resolution from the menu that opens. It supports all major graphic file formats. Download from here.



Create a avatar it’s not just about taking a large photo and cropping or resizing it. An avatar must be beautiful, impressive, and there is no better program than GIMP to accomplish this task. GIMP is a free and open source photo editing software which has little to envy to Photoshop, being its best free alternative. It includes tools, filters and brushes of all kinds and is compatible with all major operating systems: Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Download from here.



MyPictr it’s a Web Application free that allows you to create avatars optimized for all major online services and social networks: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many more. To use it, just connect to its main page, select the photo to be transformed into an avatar and select the service on which you intend to use the avatar from the appropriate drop-down menu. Then you have to zoom the image so that it fits in the best possible way to the format of the avatar and that’s it. Try it from here.

6photo.jpg is a very popular and simple to use online service that allows you to create animated avatars starting from any static photo. To use it, all you have to do is connect to its main page and select the type of avatar to create, then load the photo to animate and adjust the settings relating to animations (via the panel located on the left side of the page). It supports all major graphic file formats and also allows you to edit images already on the web. Try it from here.