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Application for coloring

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Application for coloring: You are no longer a child, it does not rain on this, however this does not mean that you have to give up what is one of your favorite pastimes: coloring drawings. Beyond any “masterpieces” that may come out of it, it is still a relaxing activity as well as an excellent harp.

However, considering the fact that nowadays most of the operations that once could only be performed with paper, pen and pencils are now feasible directly from the display of smartphones and tablets, I’m sure you will be wondering if there is also acoloring application. I am wrong? No, here it is. Well, given your questions I would say that you are in the right place (indeed, on the post!), At the right time. Assuming that yes, there are apps of this type and even several, today I will just show you the ones that in my opinion represent the best in the category.

So take a few minutes of free time all to yourself, make yourself comfortable, grab your mobile device and concentrate on reading this article of mine. You will see that in the end you will be able to find more than one app capable of attracting your attention and that you will even be ready to provide any advice to all your friends with your same passion for drawing and colors. Have fun and have a good download.

Coloring Book for Me (Android / iOS)

The first of the coloring apps that I want to suggest you try is Coloring Book for Me. It is one of the most famous and appreciated in the category. It provides users with numerous designs of various kinds that can be colored as desired with the many tools available. The drawings can then be shared on social networks, saved in the gallery or exported to other apps. It’s free (but you can eventually subscribe to get unlimited access to all images) and it’s available for Android and for iOS.

After you have downloaded and started it, you will find yourself in front of the main screen through which you can choose which drawing to color by “browsing” the various options available, by simply swiping it to the right or to the left. If in this way you cannot find anything that inspires you, call up the app menu by tapping on the symbol on the left and select one of the available categories in order to browse the various designs by category. When you find the image you like, press the button with the pencil which is at the bottom to start coloring.

Now you can finally start having fun. Enlarge the image using the classic pinch to zoom, select the color to use using the palette (there multicolor wheel) which is at the bottom and stops on the area of ​​the drawing to be filled with the selected color. If among the available colors there is not what you are looking for, change the palette by pressing on the name of the latter and then selecting the one that best suits you from the next screen.

When the drawing is complete, step on the button for the sharing which is at the top right, select any texture to be assigned to the drawing area, the outline and vignetting and indicate whether you want to share the drawing made on social networks or if you prefer to save it in the device gallery or import it into other apps by pressing the button with i three dots which is on the right.

Mandala Coloring Pages for Adults (Android / iOS)

Application for coloring

From the name you already understand: Mandala Coloring Pages for Adults is an app available for Android and for iOS allows you to relax by dedicating yourself to the coloring of mandalas. The designs are really well done, there are many colors available and there is also a relaxing background music. The final result can then be saved in the application itself or exported. The app is free but to have access to the complete list of drawings you have to pay.

To use it, after downloading and starting it, wait a few moments for the loading procedure to be completed and then stop on Continue then scroll through the list of the various mandala designs available and select the one that best suits you by pressing on its preview.

Now, select the color you want to use from palette at the bottom (possibly you can change it by swiping it to the right or to the left) and then presses on the section of the mandala you want to color. If you need to, you can zoom in on the drawing by pinch to zoom.

If you want, you can also add special shades to the design by pressing the symbol with i three colours at the bottom right, by selecting Nuances from the menu you see appear and then choosing the one you prefer from the palette that appears below. If, on the other hand, you want to cancel one or more steps performed, press the symbol of arrow pointing to left which is high up. Furthermore, if the music bothers you in the course of work, you can also disable it simply by pressing the n symbol.musical ota which is located at the top.

Once the drawing is complete, stop on arrow at the top right, choose (if you want) the type of background you want to use and then click on the button with the green tick always placed at the top on the right. Finally, choose whether to save the drawing directly in the gallery of the device or whether to share it on one of the supported social networks (just tap the relevant buttons on the screen)

If you want to finish coloring a mandala later, simply close the application. Then you will find your mandala as you left it the last time in the section My jobs application. In the same section you will also find all the other drawings that you have already completed.

Infinite Painter (Android / iOS)

Application for coloring

If instead of coloring “ready-made” drawings you prefer to unleash your artistic vein by drawing lines at will, giving virtual brush strokes and so on and so forth, then I can’t help but advise you to try Infinite Painter. It is a beautiful app from the Infinite Studio Mobile development team that allows you to draw and color as you like thanks to the many special tools available and the countless functions. It is suitable both for those who like to draw and color for pastime but also for those who do it not only for pleasure. It is free (although to access some advanced tools you need to subscribe) and can be used on both Android than on iOS.

To use it, after downloading and running it, follow the short introductory tutorial (it is shown to you only the first time) then start having fun! On the left you will find the bar with the available tools: the brushthe command for selectionthe eraserthe command that allows you to set the stroke sizethe one for the color selection and that for the definition ofopacity. At the top right there are the commands to add forms, guides and make various and possible changes to the work area, then there is the button to add more levels and the one to access options.

When you are done drawing and coloring, you can export everything in various formats and directly to the gallery of your device or other apps or, in case of incomplete work, you can leave everything as it is and finish later.

Other coloring apps

Application for coloring

Didn’t the coloring applications that I have already indicated impressed you in a particular way and are you looking for some alternatives? Then try the resources that I have pointed out to you in the following list. I’m sure there is something among them that may interest you.

  • Autodesk SketchBook (for Android And iOS) – A beautiful application from Autodesk entirely dedicated to lovers of painting and hand drawing. Excellent both for fun alone and for, so to speak, more professional reasons. It’s free but you can eventually subscribe to access the Pro features.
  • Pigment (for Android And iOS) – A nice application that allows you to color the various designs proposed as you would on a sheet of paper. There are many different pencils, brushes and markers as well as an unlimited number of colors. The designs can then be saved on the device. It’s free but offers in-app purchases.
  • Adobe Fresco (iOS / iPadOS) – A nice app from Adobe that allows you to create and color freehand vector type designs. It’s free (with $ 10.99 in-app purchases to unlock additional features).
  • Colorify (for Android and for iOS) – One of the best coloring drawing apps that offers many images to choose from for your artistic creations. Downloading the app is free but to use the service you need to sign up for a subscription (possibly you can activate a trial at no cost).
  • Sketch Guru (for Android and for iOS) – A nice coloring and drawing app perfect for making portraits and caricatures. Its characteristic is the dynamic brushes that draw different lines based on the movement of the finger on the screen.
  • Colorless (for Android) – This app integrates a “roundup” of beautiful drawings to color from your smartphone or tablet and possibly also to print (both in black and white and colored). The drawings can also be completed later without losing the changes made. It’s free but offers in-app purchases
  • Coloring book (for Android) – Another great app of the category that integrates numerous drawings of animals, flowers, plants and much more with a wide range of beautiful colors with very bright colors. All settings and controls are very easy to use. It’s free with in-app purchases.
  • Tayasui Color (for iOS) – This application offers a real coloring book in digital format. There are tons of designs to choose from which mostly depict animals and plants and also includes some nice sound effects. The drawings can be saved in the roll and / or in the app and can also be completed at a later time. It costs € 3.99.
  • Art Set (for iOS) – A beautiful application only for iPad that gives the impression of having at your disposal a virtual set of tools for drawing directly on the device display. There are brushes, crayons, pencils, paints and much more. It costs € 2.29 and is also available in a Pro variant with additional “equipment”.
  • Colory (for iOS) – Another excellent coloring application that integrates many drawings with which to have fun and relax directly from the display of your device. Drawings can also be saved in PDF format and can be printed in high resolution. It’s free but also offers in-app purchases.