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App to make outline

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App to make outline: Social networks and messaging applications are your daily bread and, from the moment you spend most of your free time, you would always want to stay informed on what the new trends are.

Precisely with this objective in mind you have wandered far and wide for the Web in search of a clear and in-depth explanation of what these “outlines” actually are, given that you believe it is a novelty which, lately, we often talk about on Tumblr . I also imagine that, given your interest in the subject, you would also like to know how to make them and what applications you need to download to transform your photos into outline.

Don’t worry, from the moment you came across this guide, you can be sure that you will be able to find an answer to your questions. I will explain in detail how to make the outline through some applications free available for Android and iOS. All you need is a few minutes of free time; keep in mind that, to create an outline, a good dose of creativity and manual skill is required, since you will have to proceed through digital drawing techniques to be applied to a photo. Alternatively, if you are not very practical with digital drawing and want to create an outline, I can recommend some alternative tools that, without any effort, will allow you to create similar effects. Are you ready to start? Yes? Very well! I just have to wish you a good read!

What is an outline and how it is made

The creation of outline is a recent trend that, which has become popular especially on Tumblr, consists in tracing a photo for the creation of a particular effect in black and white (or even in color). The final results suggests that the subject of a photo was taken for the realization of a pencil drawing.

This artistic creation, based on the tracing of a photo, has become very popular on Tumblr in recent years. The reason is attributable to the fact that the final effect is perfectly in line with the minimal style much appreciated by users of this social network.

Obviously, if you are really good with digital drawing, you can achieve a similar effect at any time (even without tracing a photo) and with professional applications or software other than those indicated.

However, during this tutorial I will explain the most common and simplest method that will allow you to create an outline by tracing a photo. The tutorial I indicated involves using some popular applications for photo editing, which are downloadable for free on Android and iOS.

How to do outline with Picsart

The Picsart application is the one most used for the creation of this particular pencil drawing effect. To create an outline with PicsArt, download the application first Free from App Store iOS or from PlayStore of Android.

If possible, I recommend installing and using the application in question on a tablet; from the moment you have to draw on the photo, it would be better to have a large screen available. You must also have saved the photo for which you want to create your outline in the multimedia gallery of your device. Keep in mind that a high resolution photo is required for a better result.

Then start the PicsArt application and, once registered, from the home screen, first press the button (+) and then on the voice Draw. Then create a new blank page by pressing the button (+) Create new and then on Start drawing.

As for the white background of work, it is recommended to choose a sheet available horizontally with the highest possible resolution, as you will then have to go and apply the photo in high definition.

Then tap on the highest resolution you have available; it would be better to choose one that is larger than 1980 × 720. To confirm the worksheet, press the button with the arrow symbol.

You will thus find yourself in front of a blank page; this represents the basic sheet of this creative project. Now add the image for which you want to create the outline using the button with the symbol of the photo that you find in the right bar. You will then need to locate, via the screen Recent, the high resolution photo to be imported.

Then tap on it to add it to your worksheet and then zoom in on the image to bring it to full screen, using the button with the symbol of the two arrows. Then tap on the white sheet of work to confirm the enlargement.

Now you need to create an additional level. Press on button with overlapping rectangles top left and, via the button (+) add a empty level. In this way you will apply a transparent layer to the photo and you can start creating your outline. Make sure the is always selected empty level you just created.

Now tap on the instrument with the brush symbol that you find at the bottom right and select at will the brush with the finest possible stroke (for example by tapping on the first symbol you find in the left corner). Then adjust the size of the stroke as you like, by moving the lever to the left, or by pressing the button (-). Confirm the setting by pressing the button with the check mark V symbol. Then choose the color you want for the brush by tapping on colored box bottom right.

Now it’s ready and you can start the realization of your outline. By tapping the instrument with the symbol of the four arrows, zoom in on the photo and then, with precision and creativity, begin to trace the outline of the figure, using the button with the brush symbol. Once the creation of the track is complete, tap on the intermediate level of the photo and temporarily disable the display, by tapping the button with eye symbol.

You will thus be able to see the outline that you have created and possibly improve it, by turning it as I explained in the previous lines. In addition, through the tool with the brush symbol, you can also possibly color your design. Experiment in freedom and set your creativity in motion. Obviously the beauty of the final result will depend only on your artistic talent and your digital drawing ability.

Once you have finished the realization of your outline, you can save the realized design; to do this, press the button with the arrow symbol on the top left and then press the button Save and share.

How to outline with Adobe Illustrator Draw

If you are already familiar with digital drawing, I recommend you create an outline with the Adobe Illustrator Draw application that offers professional and more precise tools for drawing on smartphones and tablets. On the other hand, however, compared to the PicsArt application, it is perhaps less intuitive to use.

Anyway, I’ll explain below how to proceed, but always keep in mind that, for a better result of your design, it would be better to use a large screen and a high resolution photo.

After downloading the application from your mobile device Android or iOS, start it and make sure you have registered to find yourself in the section Work. The section in question is called My plans on Android and you will need to click the button (+) in order to select the format of the white drawing sheet.

Then choose the format of the empty project among the predefined ones that you can see by tapping on the item Multiple formats. Make sure to tap on the format with the highest possible resolution, possibly the one that has a resolution greater than 1920 × 720, as it would be better to work on high resolution projects.

Then, through the worksheet, import the photo for which you want to create an outline. To do this, first tap on Background layer, then tap the button with the symbol (+) right and tap on the wording Image level, choosing the photo from the internal memory of your device. Once the image has been imported, enlarge it using the appropriate tool then press the button end.

To start creating the outline, tap on Drawing level and, through the side menu, choose the brush to use; by tapping on it you can customize size and color (remember to set a thin stroke for greater precision).

Then using the zoom and the brush, he begins to trace the figure to create its outline. Once you are done, you can see the final result by tapping on the wording Image level. Then temporarily turn off the display for the image layer by tapping on eye symbol.

In this way, you can eventually apply changes to the outline created and also color it using the appropriate Adobe Illustrator Draw tools. To save the outline you created, once finished, press the button Close.

How to turn a photo into a drawing

The basic concept of creating an outline is based on transforming a photo into a drawing. The procedure I illustrated in the previous lines therefore requires manual skills with applications for digital drawing, but also a lot of creativity, firm hand and above all precision.

If you have these characteristics and, taking inspiration from this technique, you would like to create a freehand drawing starting from a photo, I recommend installing some digital graphics software that will surely be right for you. You can find these tips by reading my guide dedicated to programs to transform photos into drawings.

Clearly not all of them are actually inclined for digital drawing; consequently, for the realization of an outline without any effort, I would like to suggest the use of some web tools that will allow you to automatically transform a photo into a drawing. In my guide titled how to turn a photo into a drawing you will find step-by-step explanations on how to use some online tools for editing photos.