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App to edit photos

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App to edit photos: Perfection does not exist, it is true. Beauty is subjective, it doesn’t rain on this. But explain to me why you post all those unquestionably bad photos on social networks? Don’t resist the temptation to share all your shots online, I understand you, but at least try to embellish them or make them artistic with some special effect! How do you say? Not sure how to proceed? Then let me recommend some apps suitable for the purpose.

There are now many on the Android and iOS / iPadOS stores photo editing app that are just waiting to be downloaded and experienced! Most of them are free and extremely intuitive, you don’t need to be a photography enthusiast or technology expert to use them. I assure you that in a couple of taps you will be able to embellish any shot, even the less successful ones. Of course, you may not get artistic results, but at least you will make the photos you share with your followers on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and so on “passable”.

Come on, take five minutes of free time and try the applications I’m about to tell you. Whether you need to add some filters to your shots or edit them in more depth (e.g. by cropping them, changing the perspective, etc.), I assure you that you will find a solution that’s right for you … and for the friends you have so far bored with poor quality photos!

Free photo editing app

You want to find out which ones are the best free photo editing app currently present on the square? Then go ahead and read. You can find them indicated below, both for Android that for iOS / iPadOS.

Google Photos (Android / iOS / iPadOS)

Google Photos

The first among the photo editing app what I want to suggest you consider is Google Photos. This is the application for managing and archiving images made available by “big G” pre-installed on most Android terminals, but also available for iOS / iPadOS. It also integrates a whole series of tools to edit photos, which is why I chose to tell you about it in this guide of mine.

To download and install the app on your device, follow these steps: if you are using Android and Google Photos is not already there, access the related section of the Play Store and press the button Install; if you are using iOS / iPadOS, log in to relevant section of the App Storepress the button Getthen on that Install and authorize the download via Face ID, Touch ID or Apple ID password. Then, launch the app by selecting theicon which has been added to the home screen.

Now that you see the main Google Photos screen, go to the section Photo by touching the appropriate item at the bottom and select the image on which to act. If by doing so you cannot find the photo you are interested in, go to the section Research and help in the identification with the search field at the top and with the division into categories.

Once the image of your interest is displayed, tap on the button Edit located below to access the image editing toolset. Then choose the functions you want to use from the menu below: Suggestions to view the improvements and suggested tools; Cut out to take advantage of the cropping and rotation functions; Rule to intervene on brightness, contrast, etc .; Filters to access the list of available filters; Signs and lines to draw and write on the photo.

When finished, press the button first end and then tap on the button Save copy located at the bottom right to save a copy of the edited image in the photo gallery. For more details on how Google Photos works, read the guide I dedicated to the service.

Snapseed (Android / iOS / iPadOS)


Another great photo editing app that, in my opinion, you would do well to consider is Snapseed. This is another solution distributed by Google, totally free and very easy to use, thanks to which it is possible to edit and embellish photos thanks to a wide range of tools of all kinds and various filters. It is available for both Android and iOS / iPadOS.

To use Snapseed, download and install the app from related section of the Play Store Of Android (if Google services are missing on your device, you can also download the app from alternative stores) and from the section on the App Store Of iOS / iPadOSthen start it by selecting theicon which has been added to the home screen.

Subsequently, tap anywhere on the Snapseed screen and select the image in the gallery of your device on which to go to act or take a photo at the moment.

Once the app editor is displayed, if you want to change the photo by applying effects, select the tab Effects which is found at the bottom and then the one you like from the proposed list. Among the filters, in fact, there are some beautiful effects to make the images monochromatic, make them look vintage, apply artistic blur effects and so on.

To access the tools, instead, tap on the tab Instruments that you always find at the bottom of the screen and select the one you want to use from the menu that opens. Among the tools available in Snapseed you can find the calibration of colors, brightness, the tools to rotate and crop the image, the brush for the correction of imperfections, the tool to add text to the photo and much more.

When you are satisfied with the result, you can save the photos edited with Snapseed by tapping on the item Export located at the bottom right and deciding whether to save the modified image by overwriting the original one or whether to create a copy. You can also choose to open the photo in other apps or to share it. For more information on how to use Snapseed, I refer you to the tutorial I dedicated to the app.

Pixlr (Android / iOS / iPadOS)


Now we come to Pixlr. It is a solution available for both Android and iOS / iPadOS that includes everything you need to edit your photos directly from your smartphone: all sorts of filters to embellish your shots, tools to crop, rotate and correct the most common mistakes present in digital photos (including red eyes), brushes for drawing on photos, frames and a tool for writing on images. Basically it’s free, but offers in-app purchases (at a cost of 99 cents) to unlock additional content.

To use Pixlr on your device, download and install the app from related section of the Play Store Of Android (if Google services are missing on your device, you can also download the app from alternative stores) and from the section on the App Store Of iOS / iPadOSthen start it by selecting theicon which has been added to the home screen.

Now that you see the main screen of the application, click on the button photo to take the image you want to modify from the gallery of the device or on that one camera to take a photo at the moment.

After viewing the app editor, if you want to access the toolset to crop the photo, rotate it, adjust contrast etc. press the icon with the carrying case which is located on the toolbar at the bottom, while to draw on the image press the icon of brush.

If you then want to embellish your shot with filters and overlay effects, press the icon with the Magic wandif you want to apply frames you have to tap on the icon with the framewhile if you want to write on the photo, just press the button with the frame and the letter “T” in the center.

At the end of the modifications, to save the final result, click on the button done located at the top right and choose whether to save the photo locally, whether to share it on supported social networks and whether to resize it if necessary.

More apps to edit photos for free

Adobe Photoshop Express

If none of the apps to edit photos at no cost that I have already proposed convinced you in a particular way, I suggest you take a look at the alternative solutions which I have proceeded to include in the list below.

  • Adobe Photoshop Express (Android/iOS / iPadOS) – is the smartphone and tablet version of Photoshop, the famous photo editing program for computers. It is for Android and iOS / iPadOS and can be used for free, but to take advantage of some advanced features of the app you need to subscribe to the Premium variant (at a cost of 7.49 euros / month)
  • Afterlight (Android/iOS / iPadOS) – free app for Android and iOS / iPadOS thanks to which you can edit photos in a simple, quick and intuitive way, using the numerous tools that are offered. Basically it is free, but to unlock additional functions you need to subscribe for a fee (at a cost of 3.49 euros / month).
  • Prism (Android/iOS / iPadOS) – it is a very famous one app to edit photo effects. What has made it incredibly successful worldwide is the fact that its filters, in addition to being numerous and very beautiful to look at, are applied extremely precisely to the photos. This means that the faces do not blend in with the background and the results that can be obtained seem the result of hours and hours of accurate photo editing. It is for Android and iOS / iPadOS and is free, but in-app purchases are offered (at a basic cost of 7.99 euros / month) to unlock additional filters and functions.
  • Pixelmator (iOS / iPadOS) – is one of the best app to edit iPhone photos and also for iPad in circulation. It is not free and it is not exactly cheap (it costs 4.99 euros), but for what it offers and for its quality it is certainly worth the price paid. It includes everything you might expect from a modern photo editing app – from color filters to tools to crop, rotate and correct photos – and it’s very easy to use.

App to edit face photos


Would you like to make adjustments to your selfies, in order to correct presumed imperfections, add make-up, special effects, etc.? If so, you can contact some app to edit face photosspecifically designed for this purpose.

I recommend, however, to use these apps only for fun or, in any case, only for small corrections. It is important to accept some small imperfections (who doesn’t have any ?!), become aware of what you can improve to feel better about yourself and work hard to achieve your goals; make virtual touch-ups to chase fictitious aesthetic standards from social networks, no, that’s not good at all!

App to edit physical photo

Boy in the pool

Continuing the speech made just now, if you intend to make some retouching to the photos that portray your body, know that there are some apps suitable for this purpose, I also told you about them in a dedicated tutorial, but I recommend them. use only for playful or goliardic purposes. The fictitious beauty of social networks should not be fed.

App to edit Instagram photos


You’re looking for app to edit instagram photos, in order to embellish as much as possible the shots you share on the famous photographic social network? Then I can not help but advise you to read my post focused on this theme: you will find numerous useful tools for this purpose, both for what concerns the individual posts and the stories, as well as the relative advice for use.