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App to edit iPhone photos

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App to edit iPhone photos: You have a passion for photography and, after purchasing a new generation iPhone, you are looking for some advice on applications to download. You’d need to use the apps that allow you to edit the photos in a professional way but at the same time, they are not too difficult to use.

Don’t worry, it’s not an impossible undertaking at all and I’m here to help you out. During this tutorial I will recommend some applications to download to edit photos with your iPhone, so that you can succeed in your intent without great efforts. All you need, for the purpose of reading this guide, is your trusty iPhone. Keep it with you always, download and test applications will recommend you to find the one that finds your needs.

I can imagine that you have not yet become familiar with your new smartphone but this is not a problem at all. My instructions will be written clearly and in detail, just follow them to find out how to download these applications that I will tell you about, as well as to understand how to use them. Take a few minutes of free time and read this guide very carefully; you will see that you will be very satisfied with the information you have learned. With these premises, are you ready to start? Yup? Very well! I wish you a good read.


The first application to edit photos on iPhone that I recommend you download is Snapseed. I chose to talk to you about this app because I think it is a valuable tool, developed by Google, allows you to edit photos with many professional tools.

On the other hand, Snapseed is also a very simple and intuitive application to use; I think it is perfect to use for those who are beginners with editing photos from smartphones.

Using it is very simple: after you have downloaded it from the iOS App Store by pressing the button Get / Install, start it by pressing the Open button. I want to explain in detail how the app works.

As soon as the app has started, you will have to choose the photo you want to edit. To do this, press the button You open at the top left, or tap in the center of the screen Home to open the multimedia gallery of your device (button Open from the device), To take a picture (button camera) or to open the last image taken (button open last image).

Then choose the image you want to edit and tap on it to add the image in question to the edit screen for Snapseed.

All photo editing tools are available by pressing on the menu items at the bottom. Snapseed features fall into two macro categories: Effects (which allows you to apply predefined filters to photos) e Instruments (which includes all the photo editing tools like for example Calibrate, Curve, Crop, Rotate, Perspective, Correction e much more).

Any changes made will be saved. To do this, I have to press the key with the symbol of Check V located at the bottom right. If you want to save the edited photo in the memory of your device, then press the button Export: for example, you can save the edited photo by replacing it with the original (button Save) or even save it as a copy (Save a copy).

Alternatively, once you have finished editing the photo, you can also press the button Share if you want to share the photo within a social network. Instead, press the button Open in to open the photo with another application.

Snapseed is an application Free that has no banner ads.


An application certainly worthy of note that allows you to edit photos on iPhone is VSCO. The app in question is known and appreciated for its advanced tools and the ability to use it directly to take a photo, manually changing parameters such as exposure and brightness. Ultimately, it is an application that gives its best if its professional tools are exploited to the maximum.

If you want to use as VSCO app to edit photos on your Apple smartphone, download it from the App Store via this link: you just press the button Get / Install and then on the button You open to start the application.

To use VSCO you will first need to register for a free account. Then press the button It begins and then choose whether to register via the telephone number (button Register with the phone number) or whether to proceed by registering an account via your email address (button Register with the email address).

Once you have logged in to the app you will notice the presence of a minimal user interface, perhaps not very intuitive. Don’t worry, I’ll explain right away how to use it to edit a photo.

To edit a photo you will first have to choose whether to take a photo on the spot, by changing the parameters of the camera using the buttons on the main screen. You can choose to take a photo or press the button DSCO to create a GIF, using the app’s advanced parameters. The parameters for changing the values ​​of a camera are composed of unconventional icons that will be familiar to those who use professional cameras.

If instead you want to edit a photo already present in the media library of your device, swipe down to access the section Study. By tapping on the section Shopinstead, you will be able to access the application’s virtual store which will allow you to purchase numerous advanced filters and presets.

To add a photo to the app editor, press the button (+) and choose the photo from your iPhone media library. Then select the photo by tapping on it and, to edit it, press the button with the symbol of the two levers.

The app’s editing tools are enclosed in two main symbols: the symbol of a film that includes a series of predefined presets and the symbol of the two levers that gives access to traditional editing tools: Exposure, Contrast, Cutout, Straighten, Focus, just to give some examples.

To confirm the changes made, press the button Save. Once the changes have been made, you can save the edited image to the roll or share it on social networks. To do this, you will need to press the button with the three dots symbol (…) and then choose from the options available in the menu that will open.

VSCO is available for free, offers the possibility to make purchases in the app but does not have advertising banners.

Aviary Photo Editor

A very simple and intuitive application that I recommend you download for free on your iPhone is Aviary Photo Editor. The application in question is designed for those who are beginners with photo editing on smartphones but would still like to learn how to edit photos in a more professional way.

Aviary is a perfect application to carry out this purpose, from the moment it integrates a section where you can view the changes made by other users, in order to find out how to best use the application.

If you want to find out how to use this app, download it first on your iPhone via this link: all you have to do is press the button Get / Install and then on the button You open.

Once you start the app you will see how its user interface is very intuitive: the section Tunnel it relates to the images in the memory of your device that you can edit directly through the app.

The section Explore allows you to see the photos uploaded by other users of the application: by tapping on a photo you can learn which tools have been used to improve the image in question. Finally, the section Profile it will allow you to register a free account to the Aviary community: you will be able to upload the photo to the multimedia gallery of the app and show your work to other users.

To edit a photo with Aviary, tap on the section Tunnel; choose a photo from your device’s media library and tap on it. The tools for editing of a photo are the classics: Gets better, Effects, Trimming, Rule, Orientation, Transform, Text, Drawing, Sharpness, Blurs, Vignetting, Stickers and many others. To apply the changes, press the button apply and when finished, press the button Save. You can then publish the photo on the main social networks using the buttons with the symbol of Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. For other options, press the button (+).

The Aviary application is available for free for Android, iOS and Windows devices and does not have advertising banners.

Other apps to edit photos on iPhone

Have you tried the iPhone photo editing applications that I recommended but haven’t found the one that matches your tastes and needs yet? Don’t worry, I still have some other applications to recommend; you will see that you will be able to find what you are looking for.

  • superimpose (to payment): an application to edit photos which, among its main features, offers the possibility to remove the background and make collages. Superimpose is a paid application that costs 2.29 euro.
  • Enlight (to payment is Free): one of the best paid photo editing apps on iOS. The reviews of this app on the App Store are all positive and many users have rated the app with 5 stars. Englight is also available in a free version with limited functionality. The paid version costs 4.49 euros.
  • Touch Retouch (to payment): an application for retouching and editing photos on iPhone that aims to help users improve their photos, by removing objects in the background in an excellent way and fixing imperfections. Touch Retouch is a paid application and its cost is 2.29 euros.