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App to download videos from Facebook

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App to download videos from Facebook: Have you found some funny videos on Facebook, would you like to download them on your smartphone (or on your tablet) to show them to your friends, but you don’t know how to do it? Don’t worry, if you want I can give you a hand and suggest some apps that might be right for you. I am referring to some browsers and download managers – all strictly free – that allow you to “capture” videos from Facebook or other Internet sites and download them offline.

How do you say? Don’t you want to waste time between settings and various “tweaks”? And who tells you you have to do it ?! Using the applications I’m about to tell you about is really a breeze. All you have to do is visit the Facebook page that contains the video of your interest, start playing it and press a button to start the download.

Easy, right? So do not waste any more time and try to put into practice the suggestions I am about to give you, I assure you that you will not regret it. Whether you have an Android device, an iPhone or an iPad, you are sure to find a good one app to download videos from Facebook. Happy reading and have fun!

Firefox (Android)

If you are using an Android smartphone or tablet, you can download videos from Facebook using Firefox: the famous browser from Mozilla, which is available for free on the Google Play Store.

To download a video from Facebook using Firefox, all you have to do is open the browser, connect to and log in to your personal account on the social network. Once logged in, locate the video of your interest and start the reproduction. At this point, keep your finger pressed on the movie, wait for the Chrome context menu to appear and select the option Save video from the latter.

The download of the movie will start immediately. To follow its progress, bring up the Android notification menu (swipe your finger from the top of the screen to the bottom) and look for the download progress bar.

When the download is complete, to view the video you downloaded from Facebook, you will first have to change its extension, which will be erroneously htmrather than mp4 (the true format of the file). To remedy the problem, install any file manager for Android (I personally recommend you Total Commander) and use it to reach the folder Download of your device.

At this point, locate the file, long tap on it and select the option for rename it from the menu that opens. Then delete the extension htm, replace it with that mp4 and save the changes to correct the file format.

Total Commander

Now you are free to open the video by simply tapping on its icon. You will probably be asked which app you intend to play the movie with: you can choose any of the players installed on the device. I personally recommend you VLC, but any player compatible with MP4 videos is fine.

Note: Firefox is also available on iOS, but unfortunately on the Apple operating system it does not allow you to download videos or other files.

Total files (iOS)

If you are looking for aapp to download videos from Facebook and you’re using an iPhone or iPad, I highly recommend you try Total files. If you have never heard of it, it is a browser with integrated download manager that allows you to “capture” the videos streamed from any web page, including those of Facebook.

As TDownloader is not an official app produced by Facebook, Apple or another giant in the tech sector, I suggest you use it without logging into your Facebook account. However, this will limit your download possibilities to videos posted from public pages and private profiles that do not apply particular restrictions to the privacy of their content. Let me be clear: this is a general recommendation I make for all unofficial apps, Total files does not present particular privacy risks.

If you want to use Total files without logging into Facebook, you must first get the direct link to the video you intend to download. Then open the official Facebook app, locate the movie of your interest, press the button Sharelocated under the latter and select the items Other options And Copy from the menus that open.

App to download videos from Facebook

At this point, open Total files, press the icon of globe which is located at the bottom right and connected to the link you copied from Facebook just now (just keep your finger pressed on the address bar and select the item Paste from the menu that opens).

At this point, start playing the video you want to download on your iPhone (or iPad), wait for the message to appear Do you want to download this content? in the center of the screen and presses the icon (√). Then type the first nameyou want to assign to the movie and presses the button end located at the top right to start the download. You can follow the download progress by pressing the icon first folder (bottom left) and then the one with the two arrows.

Total files

At the end of the download, to view the video you downloaded from Facebook, go back to the main screen of Total files (the icon of folder) or use the app Files of iOS, taking care to activate access to the files downloaded from Total files in the menu Browse> Locations.

Note: if you want to use Total files to download videos that are not available without logging in to Facebook, go directly to the section Browserof the app, linked to and access your personal profile on the social network.

GetThemAll (Android / iOS)

GetThemAll is another very good application, available on both Android than on iOS. It is an app that “captures” multimedia content from all Web pages and allows you to download them in a few simple “taps”. Not being an official app produced by Facebook, Google or another giant in the tech sector, the same warning applies to TDownloader: if possible, use the application without logging into your Facebook account (this, however, will limit your possibilities to download to public videos).

That said, if you want to download a video from Facebook with GetThemAll for Android, start the app, press the ☰ button located at the top left, select the item Browser from the menu that appears on the side and linked to the page that contains the video of your interest. If you are not logged in to Facebook, you can copy the direct link to the video by opening the official Facebook app, pressing the button Share located under the movie and selecting the item Copy link from the menu that opens.

At this point, start playing the video of your interest in GetThemAll, close the full screen view (by pressing the button backards) and presses the ⬇ icon located in the lower right corner. In the screen that opens, select the icon Filters (the three horizontal lines at the top right), put the check mark next to the item Videos and presses the button Done. Then select the video you want to download (it should be the file with MP4 extension at the top of the list of files available for download) and press the blue button with white arrow to start the download.


Videos downloaded with GetThemAll are stored in a folder related to the app. To reach them and then view them, you can take advantage of the tab Filesapplication (then opening the folder or you can use a file manager like Total Commander to get to the folder Internal Memory / GetThemAll / Downloaded.

If you use iPhone or iPad, you can download Facebook videos with GetThemAll following an even simpler procedure: select the tab Browser which is located at the bottom left, visit Facebook, start playing the video and answer Download notice that appears on the screen. Once the download is complete, the video will be available in the tab Files app (it can be played from there but not shared in other applications).

ATTENTION: illegally downloading copyrighted audiovisual material from the Internet can be a crime. It is absolutely not my intention to promote piracy, therefore I would like to clarify that this tutorial is published for informational purposes only and I do not assume any responsibility for the use that could be made of the information contained therein.