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App for writing sentences

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App for writing sentences: You are a very creative person and, during your free time, you love to write, draw or scribble on sheets of paper. Since technology has become an integral part of your life and you can’t help but use your smartphone, you are looking for applications that allow you to show your talent with digital tools. In particular, I bet that, given these premises, you would like to know if there are applications that allow you to write sentences with an attractive style, so that they can adapt well to sharing on the most famous and used social networks.

If this is what you need, you will surely be happy to know that your request is by no means impossible and that, from the moment I have some advice to give you, you have just landed on the right guide. This tutorial is specifically about the topic you requested.

All you need, in order to find out which apps to download to write sentences with a modern style, is your Android or iOS smartphone. In the course of this tutorial I will recommend a series of applications that I consider noteworthy for writing sentences on a colored background, but also for writing sentences to share on the most popular social networks, such as Instagram and Tumblr, for example (this type of content is very fashionable within the social networks mentioned). I will also explain which apps to use to write phrases on photos; all in a simple and immediate way. Ready to get started? Yup? Very well! Have a good reading.

App for writing sentences on colorful background

Textgram (Android)

One of the applications that I want to advise you to use to write sentences over a colored background is called Textgram. Only available on Androidthe application in question offers several easy-to-use tools that will allow you to put your creativity into practice.

Using this app to write sentences based on a colored background is also very simple, there is a wide choice of backgrounds, images, stickers and fonts to use … you will see that you will no longer be able to do without this app .

Then download from the Android PlayStore: press the button Install / Agreewait for the installation to finish and then press the button You open. To make the most of this app, just follow my instructions that I am about to give you.

At the first access you will be shown the application tutorial; swipe right to read it and press the button Done to conclude the introduction or press the button directly Skip to jump.

On the main screen of the app you will be able to see your previously created works, while to create a new writing with a colored background press the button (+).

At this point, if you want to start from scratch, press on the item Empy Canvas; alternatively, to start your creation with a basic model, click on the item Template Mode. The choice is basically similar in that, even by tapping on the Template Mode item, you will have the possibility to modify your work from top to bottom. Then choose the item you prefer according to the type of image you want to create.

The customizations you have available with this app are really numerous. The main menu items are also present in the sidebar, so that you can access them with a tap on the smartphone screen. Below I will explain in detail the operation of the tools made available by Textgram.

  • Canvas button: Allows you to customize the base template by opening or uploading a background image. It also allows you to adjust the aspect ratio of the image and add additional boxes to enter text.
  • Template button: gives access to some predefined background image templates that can be customized anyway.
  • Button Background– Shows other popular pre-built templates that you can use as a starting point.
  • Sticker button: allows you to customize the image or background by adding an emoj.
  • Filters button: allows you to add Instagram-style filters to the image or background created.
  • Frames button: allows you to add Instagram-style frames to the background image.

Once the image has been customized and the desired text added, it can be saved by pressing the button Next. Then pressing the button Save Design the layout created within the application will be saved by clicking on the item Save Picture you can save the image in the memory of your device. Finally, by pressing on the button Share it will be possible to share the work done on another application or on a social network.

Textgram is an application free that presents advertising banners, even if these are not particularly invasive.

App to write sentences on Instagram

InstaQuote (Android / iOS)

InstaQuote is an application that allows you to write sentences on colored backgrounds; among the numerous apps present in the Google PlayStore and the Apple App Store this seems to have been developed specifically to facilitate sharing with Instagram, thanks to the rectangular format of the images created.

The application in question is downloadable for free on Android And iOS. Note that on Apple devices, the app is called ImageQuote, rather than InstaQuote. However, the operation is identical on both operating systems.

After having downloaded it on PlayStore via the button Install / Agree and on the App Store via the button Get / Installpress the button You open to start the application. In the following lines I’ll explain how to use it.

All the tools that will allow you to write sentences with colored backgrounds are visible on the main screen of the application. In fact, several preview images are visible that will compose the basic model for the background.

To use a background tap on it, to write a sentence instead double tap on the text field visible on the screen. You will have the possibility to write a sentence or insert a random quote through the random displayed on the screen. To confirm the message, press the button V. check mark in green color.

Further customizations are visible by tapping the button with the boxes symbol (allows you to import a wallpaper from the gallery of your device) or via the button with the symbol of TO uppercase and lowercase (Aa). In particular, this last button allows you to change the font. Note that you can also change the font size, position as well as the color of the text.

When you have finished customizing the image, press the button with the symbol of Q. If you are using this app on an Android device you can use the appropriate buttons to share the image created on Instagram or save it in the media gallery of your device. On iOS there is in addition the button for direct sharing with Facebook and / or Twitter.

InstaQuote also offers the option to purchase its version for a fee which, called InstaQuote on Android and ImageQuote on iOS, allows access to several other templates. The cost of the app is 4.49 euros on iOS and 3.02 euros on Android.

App for writing sentences on Tumblr

Tumblr (Android / iOS)

To write sentences on Tumblr, or to write sentences on images to be published on the Yahoo social network, there is nothing better than the official application.

If you haven’t heard of it yet, you should know that Tumblr is a microblogging social network that gives you the ability to create a blog quickly and easily. Unlike an amateur blog created on the WordPress platform, the blog created with Tumblr differs for its multimedia: in fact, the posts with images, sequences of GIFs but also posts with phrases on backgrounds or colored images with a slightly different look stand out. back.

To make this type of post you can use the social network application that is available for free on Android And iOSis characterized by its minimal user interface.

Then try to download the application for free from the AppStore on iOS or on PlayStore from Android by pressing the button respectively Get / Install and the button Install / Agree. Once downloaded, press the button You open and discover with me how this application works.

To write a sentence to post on Tumblr, press the button with the pencil symbol. A circular menu will open where you can choose from the following tools:

  • Button Quote: allows you to write a text in the form of a quote;
  • GIF button: allows you to publish a GIF or several GIFs in series;
  • Text button: allows you to write a new post on your blog to which you can always add images, videos or GIFs;
  • Photo button: allows you to share a photo;
  • Video button: allows you to share a video;
  • Audio button: allows you to send a post containing an audio file from the most popular streaming services;
  • Chat button: allows you to write a text in the form of a chat;
  • Link button: allows you to write a new post on your blog to which you can always add images, GIF videos and even a link.

To write a sentence on Tumblr, click on the button quote or chat, depending on the type of post you want to make. Alternatively, to write a sentence on an image, press the button text. Then write the title and description of your new post if necessary and then press the button with the image symbol. In this way you will be able to load an image from your device’s media library by tapping on it.

This feature can be useful in case of an image with a solid colored background: tap the smiley face symbol to edit an image by adding a sticker, on the letter symbol to write a sentence on the photo (by repeatedly tapping on the letter symbol you will change the font).

To add a filter to the image press on magic wand symbol. When editing is complete, press the button Forward to upload the edited image to your blog and possibly add hashtags (#) to the latter to categorize it. Finally, to publish it, click on the button Publish.

If you want to know more about how to edit Tumblr-style photos, I suggest you read my guide dedicated to the functioning of the social network in question and the other recommended applications.