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App for texting

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App for texting: Once there were SMS but, now, in this technological age in which we are always connected, to communicate with each other we use app for texting. In this regard, a request that is often asked of me is to write a guide on what the app for texting most used, the ones with the most functionality and which you advise to download on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. How do you say? Would this also be of great interest to you and would you like to know more? Okay, then you are satisfied.

In the course of this guide, I will tell you in detail which ones are the best app for texting and what are their main characteristics. There are in fact several apps for texting and, even if it is difficult to say which is the best of all, it is certainly possible to explain which are their most prominent features.

So if you are looking for advice on which one app for texting use, you will surely find a valid help in this guide of mine. I will proceed by listing the main messaging apps and I will explain their functionality to the smallest details so that you can understand the one that best suits you. This premise has intrigued you and now you would like to know more on apps for texting? Okay, then take a few minutes of free time and read this tutorial of mine calmly. I advise you to keep your Android or iOS smartphone in hand: I will provide you with links to download and try the apps that I will recommend. Before we begin, I wish you a good read.

Facebook Messenger

If you have a Facebook profile, you certainly cannot avoid using Facebook Messenger as an app to message your contacts within the social network. Facebook Messenger is none other than the Facebook messaging application and its use is required in order to chat with users of the social network.

How to use Facebook Messenger to keep in touch with Facebook friends? It’s very simple: in the Web version of the social network, the chat is already integrated and will open automatically by pressing the button Chat bottom right. You will then be able to text with all the people you have in your Facebook friendships.

Using the Facebook app for mobile devices, you will instead have to manually download the Facebook Messenger app: you will be sent back to download the application by pressing on the Facebook chat (symbol of lighting bolt inside a comics). The Facebook Messenger mobile application works just like the Facebook chat for the web-accessible social network.

Among the most prominent features of Facebook Messenger is the ability to make calls and video calls, send text messages, images (symbol of a Square), video (symbol of a video camera), emoji (symbol of a smiley face), GIF (button GIF) and stickers, as well as sending short audio messages (symbol of a microphone).

If you want my help to download Facebook Messenger on mobile devices, you just have to open the links below from your smartphone:

  • Facebook Messenger– download from PlayStore for Android
  • Facebook Messenger– download from App Store for iOS
  • Facebook Messenger– download from Microsoft Store for Windows mobile devices

Once you have found the app, then press the button Get / Install on iOS, on Install / Agree on Android and on the button Install on the Microsoft Store. Once you have downloaded the application on your mobile device you can start using it for free and take advantage of the aforementioned features.


Having to write a guide on messaging apps it is practically mandatory to talk about WhatsApp as it is an application of an excellent messaging app: its positive sides? It is a long-lived, widely used, feature-rich and always up-to-date app.

WhatsApp is therefore without a doubt the best application for messaging with all your telephone contacts; the application, born in 2009, has practically retired SMS, allowing the sending of messages to all telephone contacts for free, via the Internet. Using WhatsApp it is in fact possible to chat for free with all users in your address book who have the application installed. After a past as a paid application, WhatsApp has officially become free for everyone: therefore beware of those who tell you that to use WhatsApp you have to pay a monthly fee or purchase the application.

The strength of WhatsApp is certainly the immediacy of its messaging tools and its availability on more than one platform. The application is present on Android, iOS and Windows for smartphones and tablets. It is also possible to use WhatsApp on a computer, by downloading the official application for Windows or Mac. Alternatively, you can also use WhatsApp via a Web browser, to always have your messages at hand, even when you are on your computer.

As one of the first applications for texting, WhatsApp has undergone a very strong evolution of new features over the years. At the present time, the features introduced in the app allow you to call, video call, send group messages, send emojis, GIFs, voice messages, share photos and videos and much more.

The popularity of WhatsApp is certainly undeniable and the features just mentioned of the app make it practically the most widespread application for texting. The popularity of the app is indisputable if we also consider that Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of the social network Facebook, bought the application for 19 billion dollars. WhatsApp is therefore now owned by Facebook.

In addition to the mentioned features of the application, the main reason why WhatsApp is an extremely popular messaging application is due to its security system built into the chat. It is in fact a complicated security protocol which, called end-to-end encryptionensures the encryption of conversations: in this way it is practically impossible to intercept WhatsApp messages.

Do you want to download the WhatsApp app to try it as a texting app? Okay, then follow the links below:

Once you have found the app, then press the button Get / Install on iOS, on Install / Agree on Android and on the button Install on the Microsoft Store. Once you have downloaded the application on your smartphone you can start using it for free and enjoy it.


Among the messaging apps that I recommend downloading, there is certainly Telegram, an application considered by many to be the best alternative to WhatsApp. It is in fact a complete and cross-platform messaging application that is available for free on Android, iOS, Windows Phone devices, but also on Windows PCs and Macs. Telegram is also accessible directly via web browser once you have made the direct connection with your smartphone.

As for the characteristics of the application, Telegram offers, in general, the same features as WhatsApp: the ability to send messages, emojis, GIFs, voice messages, send photos, videos and much more. However, what makes Telegram an extremely noteworthy application for texting is the presence of some additional features. Among these, I point out the possibility of create channels (conversations in which a single person posts content and in which other users follow) and create secret chats (conversations that, in addition to being equipped with end-to-end encryption, allow the self-destruction of messages sent).

Unlike WhatsApp, Telegram wants to configure itself as an advanced messaging application: precisely for this reason its strength is given by its being an open source and Cloud-based application. The more experienced users can in fact find bread for their teeth with Telegram having tools for the creation of Bots (virtual assistants rich in functionality) and the creation of customized themes via API.

From this perspective, it is therefore clear that Telegram wants to go further and not be just a messaging application. Furthermore, the possibility of sending video messages, the ability to view links via instant opening, the integration of a proprietary platform for writing texts and much more has been introduced recently.

So if you are looking for a texting application that offers additional features then you really need to take a look at Telegram: I’m sure you will be satisfied with it.

If you want to download the Telegram app to try it as a texting app, follow the links below:

When you have located the app, then press the button Get / Install on iOS, on Install / Agree on Android and on the button Install on the Microsoft Store. Once you have downloaded the application on your device you can use it completely free of charge.

Other messaging apps:

  • Skype: besides being an excellent app for messaging, Skype is the historical multi-platform VoIP application developed by Microsoft. To download it, I refer you to official site.
  • Kik: texting application aimed at a teenage audience. Its main features include the ability to download games and mini applications. I refer you to official site to download it.
  • Signal: messaging application developed by the creators of the end-to-end technology used by WhatsApp, known for offering the highest level of privacy and security To download it, I refer you to official site.