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App for slimming photos

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App for slimming photos: You haven’t paid much attention to your silhouette lately and, as a result, the photos you’ve taken over the last few months seem to highlight the extra pounds you’ve accumulated recently, so you’d like to remedy this by resorting to photo editing.

Well, are you really convinced? I say that you should not give in to these thrusts of pure vanity perhaps chasing some “fake” beauty canon promoted by this or that other multinational. If you really don’t see or feel the way you would like, work hard, follow a diet dictated by a specialist and exercise. You will see that you will benefit not only physically, but above all mentally. How do you say? You have already started a similar path but you really care about modifying that photo particular one you care so much about? Okay, this time I’ll help you.

Since you don’t have to waste too much time on these things, I’ll recommend some app to lose weight photos to be used “on the fly” on smartphones and tablets. Even if you are not a photo editing expert, you can rest assured that it will be very easy to achieve appreciable results. Enjoy your reading and have fun!

Free photo weight loss app

If you agree, I would immediately begin by analyzing the ones that, in my humble opinion, are among the best free photo weight loss app.

Snapseed (Android / iOS / iPadOS)

If you want to try to make your photos slim, Snapseed it is one of the first apps you should try. This free solution, developed by Google, allows you to change the perspective of your shots thus slimming the subjects portrayed in photos. In addition to this, Snapseed offers a whole series of tools thanks to which you can change the color, brightness, exposure, contrast and many other parameters of the photos.

After downloading Snapseed on your device Android (also available on alternative stores) or iOS / iPadOSstart it and touch anywhere on the screen to choose the shot you want to retouch (you will need to grant access to the Gallery of the device in use).

After choosing the photo you want to “lose weight”, press the button Instruments (below) and, in the box that appears, tap on the item Prospect. In the menu that appears at the bottom of the screen, presses on the item Free and “pinch” the image using the arrows placed at its four corners. As you can see, the subject in the photo will lose weight based on how you use the perspective adjustment tool and, as you proceed with your work, the Snapseed algorithm will reconstruct the missing part of the photo so as not to highlight the changes made. Not bad, right?

If the tool that allows you to freely change the perspective does not allow you to achieve the desired result, you can use a combination of several perspective tools. After tapping on the items Tools> Perspectivetherefore, presses on the voice Inclination and move your finger up or down, so as to proportionate the size of the head a little better with the rest of the body. Next, tap on the symbol of parallelepiped (below) and tap on the tool Stairsto scale the perspective of the image using the arrows appropriate, appeared on the image. Repeat the steps just described until you get the desired result, trying (as much as possible) to proportionate the head, limbs and other parts of the body.

If artifacts appear on the image, try to remove them using the tool Correction (after selecting it, just go over the defects that appeared at the edges of the photo) or, possibly, by cutting out the “surplus” portions of the image using the tool Cut out.

When you are satisfied with your work, save the changes made to the photo by pressing the button (✓) located at the bottom right. Then tap on the item Export (bottom right) and, in the menu that appears on the screen, press on one of the available saving options (locally or online sharing).

Make Me Slim – Make Me tall (Android)

Make Me Slim

If you are looking for an app that is particularly easy to use, as well as free, Make Me Slim – Make Me tall it could be the right alternative for you. This application, which in addition to slimming subjects allows them to look taller as its name says, has a “clean” and minimal interface, which simplifies its use. If you have a device without the Play Store, see if there is any alternative store.

After downloading Make Me Slim on your device, start the app and, on its home screen, press the button Shape to edit an image saved on your device or on the button Room, to take a photo at the moment. After granting the app the necessary permissions and choosing or taking the photo you want to retouch, place the perimeter of the waistline (if necessary, enlarge or shrink it using the arrows placed in correspondence with the latter) and press the button Start (at the bottom of the screen).

Subsequently, use the slider visible on the screen to adjust the degree of slimming you want to apply to the waist and, when you are satisfied with the result, press the button (✓) (top right). Pressing on the items Height, Hip And Breast placed at the bottom of the screen and pressing the button Start (below) you can adjust, respectively, the height, hips and chest of the subject in the photo.

As soon as you are satisfied with the result, after pressing the button (✓) located at the top right, tap the del icon floppy disk (bottom right) to save the photo locally, or select one of the sharing options from those available below (eg. Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebooketc.) to share it with other people.

Bikini (iOS / iPadOS)

App for slimming photos

If you have an Apple device available, Bikini it might be another choice to consider. This app offers many interesting features to slim the subjects in the photos, considering the fact that it is a totally free solution.

After installing Bikini on your iPhone or iPad, start the app and press the button Take Photo to take a photo at the moment or on the Load Photo button to load one from the camera roll (in both cases you will be asked to grant the necessary permissions to continue). After making or choosing the photo to edit, tap on part of the body you want to lose weight by pressing on icons located at the bottom of the screen.

Then press the button Start (bottom), place the sprain tool on the affected body part and use the cursor placed on the appropriate adjustment bar to customize the degree of intensity of the effect.

Finally, press the button (✓) at the top right and, if you have no other changes to apply, press the button once again (✓) located at the top right and save the output photo locally by pressing the symbol of arrow pointing down or select one of the sharing options from those available.

Other apps to lose weight photos


Weren’t you very satisfied with the solutions I’ve told you about so far? If so, try these other apps to lose weight photos and see if they can be useful to you.

  • Body and face photo editor (Android/iOS / iPadOS) – if you are looking for an application that, in addition to making the subject portrayed in the photo lose weight, can also allow you to significantly act on other parts of the body, this could be the solution for you. Body and face photo editor, in fact, allows you to change the lips, the size of the eyes, the shape of the nose, in short … a bit of everything, and it’s free (with additional contents to be unlocked as in-app purchases from 1.09 euro each).
  • Perfect Me (Android/iOS / iPadOS) – this app features a very intuitive interface that facilitates the task of retouching the subjects that are portrayed in photos. Thanks to Perfect Me it is possible to modify some details of the face, lose weight in its entirety and even add nice stickers to your shots. It’s free, with in-app purchases of € 3.49 each to unlock additional content.
  • Pixelmator (iOS / iPadOS) – could be another choice to be held in high regard. This app offers many interesting features that allow you to act on any parameter of your photo. Unlike the apps I’ve told you about so far, Pixelmator is paid: it costs 4.99 euros.

Photo slimming programs

App for slimming photos

Do you prefer to act as a computer? If so, you will find the following useful photo slimming programs: these are solutions designed for professional, semi-professional and amateur photo editing that can come in handy.

  • Adobe Photoshop (Windows/macOS) – this program doesn’t need many introductions. Photoshop is used by professionals all over the world to retouch the most varied subjects, VIPs in the first place. The many advanced controls included in this program are ideal for slimming a subject portrayed in a photo and, for obvious reasons, the results achievable with this program are nowhere near comparable to what is possible with mobile apps ( decidedly more limited and less “powerful”). To use Photoshop you need to subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud monthly starting from 12.19 euros / month, although you can use the program for free for a 7-day trial period. If you decide to use this program to lose weight your photos, read the guide in which I show how to use Photoshop and the one in which I explain how to lose weight photos: you will also find these readings very useful.
  • GIMP (Windows/macOS/Linux) – this program, while not having the same tools made available by Photoshop, remains one of the best free alternatives on the market. If you decide to slim down your photos using this program, don’t forget to take a look at the tutorial where I explain in detail how to use GIMP.
  • Pixelmator Classic (macOS) – it costs 29.99 euros and it’s the desktop transposition of the iPhone and iPad app I told you about a few lines before. It has very similar characteristics to its mobile version but, for obvious reasons (also given the higher purchase price), it offers a greater number of features and tools that lend themselves very well to complete the job in question. One is also available Pro versionoptimized for Apple Silicon chips, and many more functions (but obviously also with a higher price).