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Android ringtones

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Android ringtones: Are you tired of the usual ringtone on your Android smartphone? Would you like to change it to something different but you don’t know which apps to use? No problem, I’ll give you a hand. There are many applications that allow you to download ringtones at no cost and set them on your smartphone without going crazy behind complicated configurations. You will be spoiled for choice, I guarantee you.

Whether you go in search of simple ones android ringtones or sounds to use as a notification or alarm, you’ve come to the right place at the right time. Below you will find a list of apps that allow you to download, configure and in some cases even create ringtones in an extremely simple and fast way, all for free and without having to subscribe to any kind. All you have to do is search for the song or notification tone of your interest, download it to your phone and set it as your default sound or ringtone. For more detailed instructions, read on, you will find everything explained below.

Note: unauthorized downloading of copyrighted ringtones may violate copyright laws. I specify that it is absolutely not my intention to encourage piracy and, therefore, I do not take any responsibility for the use that could be made of the apps reported in this post.


If you are looking for android ringtones to download for free on your smartphone, open the Google Play Store and search now Zedge– The world’s most popular application for downloading ringtones, notification tones and wallpapers.

After downloading it and accepting its terms of use, browse the ringtones available in the app by pressing the button first menu (the icon with the three horizontal lines located at the top left) and then on the item Ringtones placed in the bar that appears on the side. The list of ringtones is divided into tabs: in that Featured find the ringtones selected by the Zedge staff, in Popular find the most popular ringtones of the moment, while in Recent there are listed the most recently added ringtones in the application. If you prefer to browse the ringtones based on their musical genre, go to the tab Categories.

Once you’ve found the ringtone (or notification tone) that might interest you, select its name and press the button Play to listen to a preview in streaming. Then, if you are convinced of your choice, press on button with arrow and the ringtone will be instantly downloaded to your smartphone.

When the download is complete, press the check mark button and choose whether to set the song as the default ringtone (Ringtone), specific ringtone for a contact (Contact), notification sound (Notification) or default alarm (Alarm).

If you want to browse only the list with the notification sounds, press the button menu of Zedge and select the voice Notifications from the bar that appears on the side. The steps to take for downloading and using notification tones are the same as we saw earlier for ringtones.


Android ringtones

Audiko is another very popular name in the mobile ringtone industry. Through its official application, you can download music tracks from the Internet, apply them as your smartphone’s default ringtone and create custom ringtones starting from audio files on your phone’s memory.

To download ready-to-use ringtones, press the icon of magnifying glass located at the top right and search for the title of the song of your interest. Alternatively, presses onhamburger icon located at the top left and choose whether to browse the ringtones based on theirs gender musical membership or on the basis of collected themes created by Audiko’s staff.

Once you have found a ringtone of your interest, select it and press the button play to listen to a preview in streaming or on the icon arrow going down to download it. At the first download you will be asked to create a free account on Audiko using your email address, your Facebook account or your Google account.

Once logged in, the download of the ringtone will start automatically and you will be asked if you want to set the song as default ringtone, ringtone for messages, alarm ringtone or ringtone for a single contact.

If you want to create a personalized ringtone starting from a song that you have already saved on your smartphone, go back to the Audiko home screen, press thehamburger icon located at the top left and select the item Create ringtone from the bar that appears on the side. Then choose the file to turn into a ringtone, use the orange indicators to mark the start and end points of the portion of the song to be cut out and presses the button Done to complete the operation.


Android ringtones

MyTinyPhone is an application similar to Zedge, which allows you to download ringtones, wallpapers and other contents for personalizing your smartphone. Its catalog of ringtones is still not up to par with that of other previously mentioned apps but it is growing well, it is definitely worth a try.

To browse the ringtones available in MyTinyPhone, start the application and press thehamburger icon located at the top left. Then select the item Ringtones from the bar that appears on the side and choose whether to display more ringtones popular of the moment, those more recent, those customized or whether to browse the various categories of ringtones using the appropriate tabs located at the top.

When you find a ringtone of your interest, select its title and press the button play to listen to it in streaming or on the button Download to start the download. At the end of the download, you can use the ringtone on your smartphone by pressing the button Tax and choosing whether to configure the song as standard ringtone, ringtone for contacts, ringtone for notifications or alarm for the wake up call.

Funny Sound Effects

Android ringtones

Another app you can try is Funny Sound Effects, which, as the name suggests quite easily, allows you to download android ringtones so funny. To use it, accept its terms of use and browse all the ringtones available in the tab Ringtones.

When you find a ringtone that might interest you, select its cover image to listen to a preview in real time and press its title to set it as your default ringtone. To use it as a call ringtone you need to select the voice Default ringtone, to use it as a notification tone you must select the voice Default notification, while to set it as an alarm clock you have to choose the option Default alarm.

Loud Ringtones

Android ringtones

Do you miss a lot of calls or messages due to your ringtone volume being too low? Then I highly recommend you to install Loud Ringtones. It is a free application that allows you to install dozens of on your smartphone android ringtones splitter with a very high volume.

To use it, all you have to do is install it on your phone and scroll through the list of sounds available on the main screen of the app: from police car sirens to stadium horns, there is really everything. To listen to a preview of a sound, press the icon that represents it, to set it as a ringtone hold your finger on the icon for a couple of seconds and select one of the options available in the menu that appears.

Pressing on Ringtone you can use the selected sound as a ringtone for calls by selecting the item Notification you can set it as the default notification sound while pressing on Alarm you can use it as an alarm clock.

Ringtone Maker

Android ringtones

Do you want to get a ringtone from a song on your mobile memory? Nothing easier. Download the app Ringtone Maker and you can create a ringtone from any music file on the phone memory (or the microSD card inserted inside the device).

To edit a song using it, press the icon with the arrow placed next to the name of the song to turn into a ringtone and select the item Edit from the menu that appears. Then use the two gray indicators to mark the start and end points of the ringtone and press the del icon Floppy disk to save the final result.

So choose the type of ringtone to create (standard ringtone or notification sound), type the name you want to assign to the latter and press the button Save to complete the operation. Finally, choose whether to set the ringtone as default on your phone, assign it to a contact and that’s it.

You can also download ringtones from your PC and transfer them later to your mobile to set them as android ringtones. If you want some links, in my guide on free ringtones I showed you several websites that allow you to download ringtones at no cost in a legal and “clean” way (without registration or unnecessary waste of time). Take a look and you won’t regret it.