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Android live wallpapers

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Android live wallpapers: You are happy owner of an Android device and you are slowly learning to appreciate the wide customization possibilities offered by the Google operating system. In this context, you are starting to approach the changes that can be made regarding the Home screen, in order to make it a little more personal than it would be by default.

So you have an idea: why not delve into the world of animated wallpapers for Android ? On the other hand, the wallpaper that appears behind the main screen of the device is an important component of the operating system, able to give you a “good morning” from the morning, when you unlock your smartphone. A bit of “liveliness” regarding the background may not hurt, but beware the use of this type of wallpaper could negatively affect the battery life of your device, and also its general performance, if it comes to a not very recent model.

In any case, if you are convinced to proceed, it means that you have already done your “calculations” and at least want to test this possibility. In the course of this tutorial, therefore, I will help you achieve your goal and I will analyze several interesting solutions to set an animated wallpaper on the Home screen and / or on the Android lock screen. You just have to follow the quick instructions below. Happy reading and have fun!

Default animated wallpapers

The easiest way to find animated wallpapers for Android is to simply search for them within the memory of your device. Yes, you got it right: many smartphone and tablet manufacturers usually integrate wallpaper of this type into their models by default. So if you are looking for animated wallpapers for Android from Samsung or other well-known manufacturers, you might have some nice surprises about it.

Verifying the actual presence of animated wallpapers on an Android device is very simple: generally, just start the Settings application on the Home screen or in the app menu (it is the one with a gear symbol ), selecting in followed by the Appearance and Background options (or something similar, since the menus can change from version to version of the operating system).

From here, just tap on the Animated wallpapers item to identify the presence of animated images among the available wallpapers. If successful, all you have to do is press on an animated image and press the Set wallpaper button , then choosing whether to apply it only to the Home screen or even to the lock screen .

Clearly, the name of the options I mentioned may vary slightly depending on the Android model at your disposal, but in any case you shouldn’t find it difficult to reach the option linked to “moving” wallpapers (if available).

For the rest, I repeat that adopting a solution of this type could reduce autonomy . In case you change your mind, you can remove the animated background and go back to setting a static one.

To do this, just go back to the Settings> Appearance> Android Wallpaper section , tap on the Background item (in order to view the list of all the predefined wallpapers), press on a normal wallpaper (usually the animated ones are marked with star icon or similar) and tap on the Set wallpaper option , choosing whether to apply the wallpaper as an image for the lock screen , for the Home screen or for both items.

Also in this case, the indications are valid for all devices, but the exact items to press could change from model to model.

Free Android Live Wallpapers

If your device does not have predefined animated wallpapers , you can still be able to obtain wallpapers of this type by installing free applications from the Play Store , or the official Google digital store (generally pre-installed on many devices), or from alternative stores, for device without Google services.

Before proceeding, however, I would like to reiterate what was said above about the possible battery and performance problems deriving from the use of animated wallpapers and, above all, to warn you of many wallpaper apps that “run” on the Play Store and, above all, on alternative stores, which are full of invasive advertising or even carry malware. Before installing any type of app dedicated to wallpapers, check the comments of users carefully and search Google for information about the reliability of the same. That said, here are some reputable apps you could turn to.

Live Wallpaper – Any Video

Live Wallpaper Any Video Android live wallpaper

Whether you are looking for an aquarium animated wallpaper for Android , animated wallpaper for Android with snow or who knows what other type of solution, the Live Wallpaper – Any Video application could be for you.

In fact, the latter allows you to set essentially any video as an animated background of the Home screen . It is also a free and ad- free application . Of course, the result is not always perfect and you have to download the right content to get a good effect, but I assure you that in reality it is not anything complex.

In any case, if you want some advice, you might be interested in going to websites like Pixabay and DeviantArt to find free videos to use as animated wallpapers . This is nothing difficult: generally to download from these portals simply click on the selected video box and select the Free Download option , then select the resolution you want to have and confirm your choice using the Download button .

Download Android animated wallpaper videos

For the rest, to download and install Live Wallpaper – Any Video , just start the Play Store , search for “live wallpaper any video” and press the application icon (a red “Play” button on a white background ). After that, you just have to press the Install button and wait for the download and installation to be completed automatically.

If, on the other hand, you have an Android device without Google services (and therefore without the Play Store) and you are looking for a way to get animated wallpapers for Android via APK , I can only refer you to my guide on how to install apps on HUAWEI, where I have talked about alternative stores to that of “big G”.

In any case, once the app is started, using it is child’s play: just tap the VIDEO button , choose the background you want to use (the video downloaded previously) and press the Apply button , choosing whether to render everything active only on the home screen or also on the lock screen .

Great, now you are aware of the procedure to achieve your goal. If you want to manage some advanced options , such as those relating to audio , you can do it simply by tapping on the three dots icon , located at the top right.

For the rest, if you want to retrace your steps , you just need to choose another background in a “classic” way . Let me explain: generally you just need to press and hold on an empty space on the Home screen , select the Wallpapers option , press on the chosen image and tap on the Set wallpaper option . By doing so, you can then choose where to apply it , replacing the one you previously selected. Also, I remind you that you can possibly follow my guides on how to change your mobile wallpaper and how to uninstall Android apps.


ZEDGE Android Live Wallpapers

How do you say? Are you looking for live wallpapers for Android 10 or live wallpapers for Android 11 ? In this case, you should know that there is an application that is also compatible with these versions of the “green robot” operating system. I refer to ZEDGE , one of the most famous free applications dedicated to the aesthetic customization of Android devices. In any case, it must be said that there are in-app purchases , for example to remove advertisements, as well as there are advertising banners (even if not invasive).

To get the ZEDGE app, download it from the Play Store or an alternative store, if you have a device without Google services. Once the application has been downloaded, open it, press the ACCEPT AND CONTINUE button to continue and accept the terms of the service .

You will also be asked to choose if you want to allow the appearance of some third-party advertisements: I suggest you press DISAGREE TO ALL to refuse consent. At this point, you will be taken to the main screen of the ZEDGE app.

To find animated wallpapers , I recommend that you tap on the ☰ icon, located at the top left, and then press on the Video Wallpapers option . By doing so, you will access the section dedicated to “moving” wallpapers.

ZEDGE free Android animated wallpapers

Choose, therefore, which animated background you want to apply and press on the appropriate box . After that, you just have to tap on the Download icon , located at the bottom center, to start downloading the wallpaper.

Once you have followed the instructions of the app, which vary according to the type of wallpaper you have chosen, just tap on the SET VIDEO WALLPAPER option first and then on the Set wallpaper option to apply everything. Of course, you will be prompted to choose where to place the background .

In case you decide you no longer want to keep an animated wallpaper after trying it, perhaps due to too much energy consumption, I remind you that you can simply return to a static background using the procedure I indicated at the end of the previous chapter . I’ll summarize it for your convenience: just hold down a free spot on the Home screen , tap the Wallpaper option , select the wallpaper you want to apply and confirm everything.

More live wallpaper apps

More Android Live Wallpaper Applications Google Wallpapers

Those that I have analyzed previously are just some of the most famous applications that allow you to get animated wallpapers. However, there are clearly other solutions as well . Below I list others that may be useful to you.

  • Google Wallpapers : This totally free application doesn’t actually add a lot of wallpapers to your device. However, the app generally scans what is present on your device and can therefore allow you to quickly find the animated wallpapers at your disposal, the predefined ones that I illustrated in the opening chapter , providing you with a “folder” Animated wallpapers .
  • Animated wallpapers: WALLOOP : this is a free downloadable Italian application that allows you to choose from more than 1,000 animated wallpapers. The app is free to download, but it contains ads and in-app purchases, designed to remove advertising and buy keys needed to unlock some animated wallpapers. In any case, if you are looking for, for example, wallpapers for Android related to anime or wallpapers for Android related to seasons , you might be interested in taking a look at this app.

Perfect, now you are familiar with all the possibilities of the case related to the world of animated wallpapers for the operating system of the “green robot”. For the rest, if you want to go beyond the animated solutions , you might also be interested in consulting my general tutorial on wallpapers for Android. In fact, in the latter you can also find other applications that might be right for you.

Furthermore, you may also want to delve into my selection related to the best wallpapers for Android. In short, the possibility of choice is certainly not lacking for what concerns the Google OS.