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Android for PC

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Do you own an Android smartphone but, when you try to download an app through the Play Store, are you shown a warning that prevents you from doing so? Unfortunately, it is possible that your device does not meet some requirements necessary for its correct execution. Sometimes it happens but luckily there is a way to bypass the problem without having to buy a new phone. I am referring to the possibility of installing an Android emulator for PC, that is a program that, for free, allows you to download and run many applications and games developed for the Google operating system on Windows and macOS. You will thus be able to use all the apps and games of your Android smartphone, on a computer, using a mouse and keyboard.

How do you say? Are you interested in this and would you like to know how to do it? No problem, I can help you. Everything you need to know is in the next paragraphs of this guide of mine: I will explain in detail how to use Android for PC , through the use of Memu and BlueStacks , some of the most famous emulation software. Before explaining how to do it, however, I reassure you immediately on a very important question: thanks to the use of these programs, using Android on a PC does not require dual booting. The operating system, in fact, is virtualized and therefore can only be used within the emulation software.

Have the premises made so far intrigued you and are you now eager to find out more? Okay, then sit down comfortably and take a few minutes of free time to find out how to install, configure and use, on Windows and macOS, these software I’m about to tell you about. Are you ready to get started? Yup? Very good! I wish you a good read and, above all, a good time!

Scaricare Memu

As I anticipated in the introduction of this guide, if you want to install Android on PC, all you have to do is download, install and use an Android emulation software on PC. Among the numerous Android emulators, I would like to tell you about the ones that I think are the most valid. In particular, I choose to start with Memu , as I believe that it is a software worthy of note for its characteristics. In addition to being completely free , it offers an easy-to-learn and immediate user experience.

On a technical level, it is also a software that guarantees high performance, thus allowing you to use the Android operating system without jerks or slowdowns. Having said that, I’ll explain step by step how to download Memu for Android emulation on Windows PC.

To use Android on a PC using the Memu emulation software, first download the program on your computer, by connecting to the official website and pressing the Download button located in the center of the web page.

Once this button is pressed, the software download will begin: wait a few minutes and check that the download is finished correctly. Once the download is complete, open the file to begin installing the program.

When prompted, click the Yes button to run the software; optionally select the language you prefer using the Custom button  and the Select Language menu . To install, press the Install button . Once the installation is complete, you will need to click on the Start button to run Memu. At this point, if you have correctly performed all the steps indicated so far, Memu will be starting up on your PC.

As you can see, at the first start of the emulation software, a short introductory guide will appear: some of the main features of this emulation software will be explained to you. However, these are basic tips and you can choose independently whether to read them or whether to press the X button , located at the top right, to close the panel dedicated to these basic tips.

Installation and configuration

Once you have installed and started Memu on your PC, I can explain to you how you will have to perform some simple configuration procedures. Don’t worry, these are really simple procedures. First, you will need to associate the Android Memu emulator with a Google account in order to download games and applications from the Google Play Store: this procedure is mandatory, otherwise access to the Google Play Store will not be possible.

To start this Google account setup process, click on the Google Play Store icon . The setup procedure will start automatically. First, choose whether to login with an existing Google account or whether to register a Google account on the spot, by pressing the Existing or New buttons respectively .

The procedure that we will see in this guide requires the use of an existing Google account but, in case you have any doubts about how to proceed to register a new Google Account, you can follow the instructions I gave you in my previous guide entitled ” how to create Google account. “

Returning to the setup steps, click the Existing button . Then type in the e-mail address and password that refer to your account. Then press the forward arrow and the OK button to allow Memu to access your data. You will then be asked if you want to use your Google account to back up applications and settings.

In this case it is an optional operation: if you want to confirm it, activate the check mark under the item Keep tablet backup active with my Google account. Continue by pressing the forward arrow button

Then press the No Thanks button : do not enter your billing information, as this is not needed to install Android apps on a PC. Also To continue, press the forward arrow . Now press the Accept button , to accept the Google terms and conditions.

At this point, if you have correctly followed all the steps I have indicated, you will surely have obtained access to the Google Play Store. You will then be able to use the Android emulator on your PC and download games and applications. As you can see, Memu’s user interface is the same as any other Android smartphone.

Please note . If you encounter problems opening the Google Play Store, check the virtual device model generated, through the following steps. From Memu’s side menu, click on the gear symbol to go to the emulator settings .

Find the Advanced menu at the top and click on it. Under Device , check the virtual device model that has been generated (for example Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Edge .) Then click on the drop-down menu , and check if by chance there is no Chinese device as the generated virtual device model ( Xiaomi Mi Mix for example).

If by chance one of the devices of a Chinese brand has been selected, this could cause the Google Play Store to be blocked. Consequently you will have to change the model of virtual device generated from the drop-down menu: then set a more common device in Italy ( Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 . For example) and confirm this item, pressing the Save button and then Restart immediately to restart Memu and confirm this setting.

If, on the other hand, you encounter problems related to the presence of a user interface localized in a language other than the one you selected, go back to the Memu settings (symbol of a gear in the sidebar). From the General menu , select the Italian language from the drop-down menu and press the Save button . You will be asked to restart Memu to confirm this setting: to do this, press the Restart Now button .

Download BlueStacks

As an alternative to Memu , one of the best Android emulation software for PC is  BlueStacks . It is a free program for Windows and macOS which, in a very similar way to what has been explained so far, allows you to emulate the use of Android on your computer. Within this program, however, there are some advertising banners that come in the form of relative recommendations for installing sponsored apps and games. If you want to remove them you have to take out a subscription at the price of 4 $ / month or 40 $ / year.

To use BlueStacks, the first thing you need to do is download and install the software on your computer. Connect to the official website of the program and press first on the Download BlueStacks button  and then on Download , to download the emulator on your computer.

Wait now for the download to start and finish; once completed, double click on the file you just downloaded, and start installing the program, following the instructions I am about to provide.

On Windows , in the user account control window that is shown to you, click on Yes and then, once the installation client has started, click on the Install Now button , to begin the procedure of downloading the necessary files and their automatic installation.

At the end of the procedure, click on Complete . BlueStacks will then start automatically and, while all the necessary files are downloaded, a short guide will be shown on the screen with an introduction to its operation.

On macOS, on the other hand, start the file. dmg by double-clicking on it and, to start the installer, also double-clicking on the BlueStacks icon  . In case you are asked to confirm the start of the program, click on Open .

On the next screen, first press  Continue  and then  Install , type the  password  you use to log into your Mac and click the Install Assistant button  .

Then wait for its installation to be automatically performed, then, if prompted, click on the Open system preferences button  . In the latter case you have to act through the Mac settings panel.

To finish the installation of BlueStacks on macOS, first click on  Allow  and then press on the padlock symbol   (it is located at the bottom left). Finally, type your  Mac password again  and then click  Unlock .

Installation and configuration

Once the program is started, you will be asked to perform a simple login procedure, by connecting with a pre-existing Google account.

Then click on Start and type, in the respective text fields, the email address and password that refer to it. Then press Next and Accept , to log in and finally click the Start using BlueStacks button to finish configuring the emulator.

If you have followed all the preliminary steps that I have indicated to you, then you have finished the installation and also the configuration of BlueStacks. In that case, you can see the main screen of the emulator ( Home ) and, consequently, access the Google Play Store. 

Then press on its icon, located on the emulator home screen (it is the symbol of a white shopping bag , with a colored flag in the center), in order to download, through the same Google virtual store present on smartphones and tablets Android, apps and games on your computer.

Then use the search engine above to locate the app or game you are interested in, behaving just as if BlueStacks were an Android smartphone or tablet. To install an app or a game, in fact, press on its tab and then tap the Install / Accept button .

At the end of its automatic download, press the Open button to start the downloaded app or game and thus start using it directly from your computer. If you are unsure about installing apps, please refer to the guidance provided in my tutorial on how to install apps on Android.

Other solutions to emulate Android on PC

Would you like me to recommend you other noteworthy Android emulators? Of course, I’ll list some of them in the next few lines. I also advise you to read my tutorial dedicated to the best Android emulators, in order to deepen the topic relating to the characteristics and operation of these software.

  • Nox Player ( Windows / macOS ): it is another valid Android emulator, like those previously listed in this tutorial. It is free and has broad compatibility with Play Store games and apps and is also optimized for gaming.
  • ARC Welder ( Google Chrome ): is an Android emulator that can be installed on the Google Chrome browser , as it can be downloaded as an extension. It is a free emulation program, but it has some limitations as it only allows you to start one app at a time. This tool is also a bit more complicated to use, as it does not support the PlayStore and requires manually loading the APK files.
  • BlueStacks X – is BlueStacks ‘ cloud gaming service, which allows you to play hundreds of Android games directly in your browser, without having to install anything.