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Airplane games

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Airplane games: Have you always dreamed of driving a plane and speeding through the skies around the world? Then I bet that you would not disdain the possibility of playing some flight simulators that faithfully reproduce, on the computer, the operation of airliners and other types of aircraft. Well, I have great news for you!

On the Internet, of airplane games there are galore and some of them are even free. There are for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and even portable devices. So, can you know are you still standing there? Download the one that seems most complete to you and start having fun right away! I repeat, there are really something for everyone: from the most advanced and complex ones that require real knowledge on the functioning of airplanes to the more “arcade” ones, which instead are made with the sole purpose of entertaining the user.

I recommend: before you download or buy an advanced flight simulator, one of the “serious” ones, check that your computer has the necessary hardware requirements to run it without problems. You know, these are very complex titles from a technical point of view, with a very high level 3D graphics, and unfortunately they do not “run” on older computers.

Microsoft Flight Simulator X (Windows)

Microsoft Flight Simulator X (also called FSX) is one of the most popular commercial flight simulators in the world. It can be purchased at a cost of 24.99 euros on Steam but is also available in a trial version that allows you to test three planes in two different airports and contains two missions to play for free.

To download the Flight Simulator trial on your PC, connect to the Microsoft website and click on the button Download. Then open the file FSXDemo.exe you just downloaded and click on the button first Yup and then on Setup. Then wait for all the files necessary for the operation of the simulator to be extracted, presses on Installwait for the end of the setup and click on I accept to start playing.

Once you’ve finished installing FSX, you can launch the game and choose whether to try your hand at a free fly or whether to face one of the two missions available in the demo by choosing the appropriate items from the left sidebar. In the first case you can choose aircraft, locality of the flight, weather conditions And time and season. In the case of missions you can select one category (e.g. drill, airline pilot, challenge) and a skill level from the appropriate drop-down menus. To play, just click on the button Start flight (in the case of free flight) or on the button Go to instructions (in the case of missions).

X-Plane (Windows / Mac / Linux / iOS)

Airplane games

X-Plane is another of the airplane games most loved in the world. For some it is more realistic than FSX as it uses a “physical” model to generate flight dynamics; a model that takes into account weather conditions and other parameters to change the behavior of the aircraft, while Flight Simulator generates the same dynamics using code programmed by developers. In any case, we are talking about two very high quality titles able to satisfy even the most demanding fans.

X-Plane is compatible not only with Windows, but also with Mac OS X, Linux and even with iPhone and iPad. It normally costs $ 59.99 but is available in a free trial version that includes 40 planes, a single scenario (Seattle) and after 15 minutes it no longer allows joystick play. To download it to your PC, connect to official site of the game and click on download button sky blue.

Then open the file X-Plane 10 Demo Installer.exe that you just downloaded, make sure there is a check mark next to the item English (unfortunately Italian is not among the languages ​​available in the game) and click on Accept And Continue. Then put the check mark next to the item I Agree to the terms of the EULAtake it out of the option Send diagnostic and usage data to Laminar Research not to send simulator usage statistics to Laminar and presses on Continue twice in a row.

At this point, wait for all the files necessary for the operation of X-Plane to be downloaded to your PC (they are over 2GB, so it may take some time), wait for the simulator installation to finish and click on Play X-Plane now to start playing.

FlightGear (Windows / Mac / Linux)

Air games

FlightGear it is one of the best airplane games available free of charge. It is distributed under an open source license and is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. To download it to your computer, connect to its official website and click on the link Mirror 1. When the download is complete, double-click on it to open the file you just downloaded (eg. FlightGear Setup 3.4.0.exe) and, in the window that opens, first click on Run and then on Yup And Next twice in a row.

Then accept the conditions of use of the game, putting the check mark next to the item I accept the agreementand click on first Next five consecutive times and then on Install, OK And Finish to finish the setup. If you are asked to install OpenAL (a free component necessary for the game to work), accept by clicking on the button OK twice in a row.

Once the installation is complete, start FlightGear using the icon on the Windows desktop and select the plane you want to fly in the game from the menu Available aircraft (located at the bottom left). Then click on the button Nextselect the scenario in which you want to “fly” and start the game by clicking on first Next and then on Run.

YSFlight (Windows / Mac / Linux)

Online airplane games

Would you like to try airplane games with 3D graphics on an old computer? Then I advise you to turn on YSFlighta 3D flight simulator for Windows, OS X and Linux quite enjoyable that does not have exceptional graphics, therefore it is capable of running even on machines not of the very first hair.

To download YSFlight on your PC, connect to the game’s website and click on the button YSFlight on YSUpload Download Now. On the page that opens, click on the logo of the operating system in use on your computer (eg the Windows flag) and that’s it.

When the download is complete, open the zip archive you just downloaded and launch the executable SETUP.exe present inside. Then click on the button Yup twice in a row and on OK four times to finish the setup, start the game and click on Close twice consecutively to access the main YSFlight screen. If you are asked to delete a plugin related to the Japanese language, accept by clicking on Yes, delete it.

Now, press the button Create new flightselect the plane to use and the scenario in which you want to “fly” and click on Fly now! for playing. Fun is guaranteed!

Airplane games for smartphones and tablets

Airplane games

Before closing the post I want to point out some flight simulators that you can download directly to your smartphone or tablet to have fun on the go.

  • Aerofly FS – good flight simulator for mobile devices that stands out for its beautiful 3D graphics, extremely precise physics and 16 aircraft models that can be used during flight simulations. It is available for free for Android And iOS.
  • Infinite Flight – excellent flight simulator for Android And iOS which includes 17 planes (+ 14 additional to be purchased separately), 10 different environments and enjoys well-crafted 3D graphics. It costs 5.49 euros on Android and 4.99 euros on iOS.
  • Flight Pilot Simulator 3D – very popular free-to-play title on Android And iOS which allows you to drive various types of airplanes (including military ones) in free flights or missions.