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Adventure games

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Adventure games: Do you love adventure games and are you always looking for new titles to try? As you certainly know, finding cheap video games is not easy, but if you want I can give you a hand.

Wandering on the Web, you can find many point and click games, RPG with strong action components and other titles that can be categorized as “adventure” at no cost. Just know the right sites to consult.

If you don’t have too high demands and, above all, you don’t want to waste time between downloads and installations, know that you can find a lot of adventure games online on the Armor Games website which specializes in Flash games of this genre. You can browse them all according to the criterion you prefer: by clicking on the Plays item located at the top right you can sort the titles based on the number of times they have been played by users, by clicking on Name you can arrange them in alphabetical order while with the option Ratingyou can consult them from the most voted to the least voted. To start playing, click on the preview image of the video game you want to start and wait a few moments for it to complete its loading. No special software or plugins are required on the computer, just use any browser with Flash Player support on any operating system. Some titles, those playable in online multiplayer mode, oblige the user to register for free on Armor Games which can be carried out simply by clicking on the Create account button located at the top right.

Another Flash game site that hosts many adventure games is , which I have told you about several times in the past. Again, all you have to do to start having fun is to find a game among those listed and click on its preview image. Requirements, always the same: any browser with Flash Player on any operating system.

Adventure games

If you are willing to download and install more “burly” video games on your PC, then connect immediately to Steam and have a look at the adventure games listed below. They are all free or free-to-play, that is, downloadable and playable at zero cost but with extra elements that can be purchased within the game. All titles in the Steam catalog provide for the creation of an account on the service and the installation of the official client of the service on the computer, it is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

  • Serena – a short but intense point and click adventure that immerses the player in a distressing and mysterious atmosphere. The story tells of a man who sits in a cabin waiting for his wife, Serena, to return. Wife who may not return …
  • 8BitMMO – as the name suggests, it is an 8-bit MMO in which each player must build a house (or even a castle), manage their territory and fight against threats from outside.
  • Path of Exile – an online RPG particularly focused on action, in dark fantasy style. It is characterized by the presence of frantic battles and the ability to fully customize your characters.
  • RaiderZ – an MMORPG with strong action elements in which players are engaged in a battle against powerful monsters and other mysterious creatures to save Rendel’s world from the end.
  • Neverwinter – a very exciting and adventurous MMORPG based on the acclaimed RPG saga Dungeons & Dragons.

Free <a href=><noscript><img src=To conclude, here are some adventure games for mobile devices: smartphones and tablets, both Android and iOS. There are some really unmissable!

  • The Silent Age for Android and iOS – this very original adventure puts us in the shoes of Joe, a boy who earns his living by cleaning. His life changes when he finds himself in front of a dying man who says he comes from the future and warns him that within 40 years humanity will be extinct. Free.
  • Yesterday for Android and iOS – a point and click adventure game in a noir style whose plot begins when, in New York, a psychopath kills the homeless by burning them alive. Free.
  • Layton Brothers Mystery Room for Android and iOS – set in the universe of the famous Professor Layton, this point and click game puts us in the shoes of a detective who has to solve numerous cases. It’s free and it’s for the first two levels, then you pay through in-app purchases.
  • Mystery House Escape for Android – simple but addictive adventure in which you must be able to escape from a mysterious house. Free.