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ADSL EOLO test: Do you live in an area where “classic” ADSL is not yet available or does not guarantee decent performance? Thinking of going to the radio connection that EOLO offers, but don’t know if the operator signal is usable in your city? Don’t worry, by connecting to the administrator’s website you can enter your home address and find out, in a few clicks, whether you are covered or not.

Once coverage has been verified, you can subscribe to one of the EOLO plans and request the installation of the necessary antenna to access the radio connection. And if your address is covered by fiber optics, you may even consider signing an offer to take advantage of the aforementioned technology. After activation, if you wish, you can use the ADSL EOLO test to verify the actual performance of your Internet subscription and understand if they correspond to the provisions of the contract.

Now I will explain how to do everything in detail. However, I recommend that before testing, make sure that there are no ongoing downloads, uploads, or streaming activities that could adversely affect the test result and return false values ​​to you. Good reading!

Proof of ADSL EOLO coverage

Check EOLO coverage

If you have not yet subscribed to EOLO and are curious to know if the operator offers coverage in your area, you can take the specific test by completing the appropriate form on the operator’s website.

Then, complete the fields displayed on the screen by typing its address , the number of the house , the reference common and ZIP , then specify whether you already have a connection to the fixed Internet, via the dropdown menu Already Have One Now Internet connection? , and click the Search button . In a few seconds, you will be informed if the EOLO network is available in the area or not.

However, keep in mind that to have absolute certainty that EOLO can be activated in your area, the certified technician must personally verify the thing with the dedicated equipment. To be more precise, with the system I have just reported to you, you can make sure that the coverage of the service is available in the area indicated, but only a technician can determine if there is something that can act as an impediment to the correct installation of the service.

ADSL EOLO offers

The coverage test was successful and you would like a hand in choosing them EOLO offers more interesting for you? I’ll settle for you right away! Below is a summary with the rates currently available in the operator’s price list. There are some for all tastes and needs.



The first of the operator offers that I want to report to you is EOLO Easy, one of the cheapest in the price list. It includes a connection of up to 30 Mega in download and up to 3 Mega in upload + unlimited calls to national landlines and mobile phones.

The modem costs € 3.00 / month or € 5.00 / month, depending on the type of device chosen, but is often offered for free promotion. You must then consider the installation of the antenna, which however is usually offered at no cost. Optionally, it is also possible to request the static IP, adding the payment of 7.50 euros / month.

EOLO Super

EOLO Super

There is a step higher EOLO Super. It offers a connection of up to 100 Mega in download and up to 10 Mega in upload + unlimited national calls to landlines and mobile phones. If fiber optic coverage is available, the connection speed is brought to 1 Gigabit in download and 300 Mega in upload.

In all cases, it should be noted that the speeds in question are achieved thanks to the free promotion activation of the EOLO Cento / Ultra option for one month. After 30 days, to continue keeping the option active, you need to pay 6.90 euros / month, otherwise the speed will be reduced to 30 Mega in download and 3 Mega in upload.

It should also be noted that during the frequent promotional periods, one or two digital services may also be included in the plan (e.g. DAZN is Amazon Prime) for 6 or 12 months. As regards modem, installation and static IP, what has already been said for the EOLO Easy offer applies.

EOLO When you want

EOLO whenever you want

As the name suggests quite easily, EOLO When you want it is an offer that allows you to connect to the Internet by paying only the consumption actually made. It is based on a system that does not provide for the payment of fixed monthly fees, but the purchase of top-ups of 2 days (6.90 euros), 1 week (9.90 euros), 2 weeks (19.80 euros) or 3 months (99.00 euros). The browsing speed is up to 30 Mega in download and 3 Mega in upload.

The modem is available for 49.90 euros or 99.00 euros one-off, depending on the chosen device. The installation costs 99.00 euros. IP can only be dynamic. More info here.

EOLO business offers

EOLO Professional Expert

If you are a professionalinstead, you can opt for an EOLO offer intended for business users. These that are listed below are the most important currently listed.

  • EOLO Professional Plus – offers a connection of up to 100 Mega in download and 10 Mega in upload + unlimited national calls to landlines and mobile phones and dedicated technical assistance. The installation costs € 30.00 one-off (but often it is free, in promotion) and the modem costs € 2.00 / month or € 5.00 / month, depending on the type of device chosen (but frequently it is offered also at no cost). In addition, you can request the activation of the static IP for a fee. More info here.
  • EOLO Prrofesional Expert – offers a connection of 100 Mega in download and 10 Mega in upload and up to 1 Gigabit in download and 300 Mega in upload in the areas reached by optical fiber + free unlimited calls and dedicated technical assistance with telephone response within 20 seconds and SLA Premium (restoration of the service within the next working day). As regards modem, installation and static IP, what has already been said for the EOLO Professional Plus plan above applies. More info here.
  • EOLO When you want – for professionals who need an occasional Internet connection, the offer in question is certainly the best solution. In fact, it allows you to connect to the Internet, with speeds of up to 30 Mega in download and up to 3 Mega in upload, paying only for real consumption, through an ad hoc top-up system: 1 month costs 44.90 euros, 3 months cost 99.00 euros and 6 months cost 198.00 euros. The price also includes unlimited calls to national landlines and mobiles and dedicated technical existence. One time, however, the installation of the antenna and the modem must be paid, which however are often offered at a discounted price. More info here.

By connecting to This Page instead, you can find the EOLO offers dedicated to companies.

Offers compared

SOS Rates

If you are still undecided about the plan to sign and / or the operator to choose, you can visit the website of SOS Rates is compare Internet and telephone solutions from all major Italian providers.

To find the most suitable offers for you, access the section of the site dedicated to offers from Internet providers, type yours common in the field in the center of the screen and click the button Compare. On the page with the offers that is now shown to you, choose the parameters of monthly fee, download speed is upload speed using the buttons located in the left sidebar.

The offers that correspond to the selected profile will be automatically listed in the website comparison table and will be arranged in order of price (from the cheapest to go up). To view more details about a specific offer, click the button Details located in its correspondence.

Please note that you can also indicate if you are interested in viewing plans for the home or specific plans for offices and premises. In the first case, click on the tab Private and select one of the consumption profiles that you find under the item What kind are you?. If, on the other hand, you want to view specific plans for offices and premises, click on the tab Business and select one of the following consumption profiles that you find under the wording Company type.

ADSL EOLO speed test

If you have already signed up for a subscription to EOLO and want to test the real performance of your connection, make one speed test. To do this, you can take advantage of the excellent tool offered by SOS Tariffs or the one made officially available by the operator. They are both very good.

SOS Rates tool

SOS Speed ​​Test Rates

The SOS Rates speed test allows you to find out the real download and upload speeds of the connection and suggests alternative offers to those in use.

To use it, visit the service web page, make sure that at the wording Your operator is there is the EOLO logo (otherwise click on the link Not your operator? and select it yourself), then type yours common in the dedicated field and select the rated speed of your Internet connection (i.e. the one provided for in the contract you have signed with the provider) using the appropriate drop-down menu. Then click on the button Continue.

Then fill in the second form that is proposed to you, indicating yours email address (the other fields are optional), tick the box relating toacceptance of the general conditions of the contract and iprivacy policy and press the button Speed ​​test begins.

At the end of the test, the values ​​of will be revealed download (data download speed), upload (data loading speed) e table (latency) of the connection and you will be suggested some alternative offers to the one currently active on your line.

Official tool


If for one reason or another the SOS Tariff speed test does not satisfy you, you can contact the official speed test EOLO, based on HTML5 technology and operating from any browser and operating system.

To use it, connect to its web page and click on the button GO that you find in the center. Wait, therefore, for the test to be started and completed. Eventually, you will know the values ​​of download, upload is latency of the connection, together with the jitter (i.e. the variance of latency in sending a few dozen packets to the server and receiving a response).

In case of problems


In case of problems, that is, if the performance of your connection does not respect the values ​​foreseen by the contract you have signed, you can contact the customer care of EOLO using one of the following channels.

  • Phone – call the number 02 3700851, functioning both from fixed and mobile networks. The service is active from Monday to Saturday from 08:00 to 22:00 and on Sunday from 09:00 to 18:00.
  • Chat – visit the home page of the EOLO website and click on the menu Need help that you find at the bottom of the page. In the box that appears, first click on the button I am already a customer, then on the button Enter the chat and wait for the conversation with an operator to start.
  • Facebook – access yours Facebook account, visit the EOLO page and click on the button to send a message placed under the cover image. In this way you can send a private message to EOLO through which to request support and / or assistance.
  • Twitter – login to yours Twitter account, start composing a new message by pressing the button with pen, send it to the official operator profile (@eolo_it) and indicate what your needs are. Then proceed with the sending. In a short time, you should receive an answer from EOLO. I recommend, however, in the public tweet not to insert sensitive data, since being a publicly visible message these could be accessible to anyone.